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December 10, 2006


Oooh I love dotBoom!

That 'blooper' was hilarious.

Good episode, except the show seems to be getting shorter and shorter every week :(. It was nice though for Amber to once again have a co-host (more or less ;).

And I absolutely agree with Jeff about the importance of having a UPS backup.

Next week we'll have more headlines...and another special (but human!) guest host ;).

Whoa... for a moment there I thought Mike was back!

Thanks for having me (and the gang) on the show, Amber. I had a blast!

Wow....just wow. Best cN since Mikey's departure. Mostly because you had co-hosts, and the time (although getting shorter) was more focused on the Amber segments than the techTIPS.

I was looking at your face during the webPICKS, Amber. You looked like you did way back when you were just starting. I know you have experience now, but I guess the inexperience I saw in your face was talking to a puppet. You've never interviewed a puppet before Amber? Another thing to add to the resume I guess.

lol puppets ...freaky. Once again, great episode, although the show seemed abit shorter.... macs FOREVER

HAHA! Yes, first time interviewing a puppet!

I think we all agree that the show is coming along OK :).

We have another co-host next week, so stay tuned!!!


I think this was the "jump the shark" episode. Puppets???

nice job! Next weeks co-host: Marionettes!? ^_^

Oh, no, we've got a real live human co-host for you next week (as a lover of the Muppets, I do have a soft spot for puppets, though) :-) .

Keep watchin'


Why not just have Leo Laporte co-host permanently?

I have a hard time believing he's too busy to help out on a Friday night.

That was such a great episode. You covered allot of stories in a short amount of time and had fun along the way. Brilliant Amber, Jeff and Puppet Man. I'm going to watch dotBoom that show looks cool.

Amber, you don't need a co-host . . . you're cute enough to have the camera all to yourself!

Keep up the great work.

Is it just me or can you hear Amber talking to Leo Laporte faintly in the background during the first dotboom.ca puppet clip? (turn up your speakers & listen carefully!)

Netfirms are offering 20% discount at the moment for the Christmas season - even better than the 15% via Command N discount. Unfortunately you can't combine the two offers!

Hmm... a plug for http://www.Octoplay.com (508 Bathurst St.)... I thought Jinx did your merchandising?

Good to see mrhogg again, too :)

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