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December 05, 2006


Thanks for the tech-news...Keep up the great work!

Wow! That was short.

Amber, take the show inside for the winter! We watch the show for the info not the locales!

Go to your place or Brian's. Or I'm sure there are fans in the T. area that may have space.

Just a suggestion.

We'll be inside for the next two weeks ;). We thought we could brave the cold, but it got the best of us!


Hey Amber. I'm trying to download songs from http://myspace.com/theshinydiamonds via the Download link in Firefox. Whenever I do so it doesn't work. I tried on my Mac and my PC. Works fine in Safari and IE. No extensions installed. Have you had any similar problems or am I alone in this.

Let me know,

I haven't tried to download any of their music, just streamed it...but I'll poke around to see what I can find!


short indeed but enjoyable nontheless. audio podcast doesnt intesrest me that much but great segment anyhow. Toronto is COLD but i'm used to it...drink lots of tim hortens amber and brian :)

'til nxt wk

You guys are doing a great job with out Mikey. He is missed but not lost. Keep up the great work!!

i've always had media download problems (asking for extension installation) with Ff...myspace or not

About all those bloopers I'm guessing he chose to save them for a more emberassing future moment.


You are correct! Saving the bloopers for a special upcoming episode (you won't be disappointed).


So it's getting a little chilly in Toronto eh? Well, as I watched this week's episode, we just had a beautiful, mid-twenties (celsius) day here in Perth, Western Australia.


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