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December 18, 2006


Oooh, I love the Smashing Mag site - thank you!!!

Good show guys! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Leo should be on more often.

Hey Guys! I purchased the Nokia 6275i about a month ago and it is great! Great recommendation!

Excellent, Robyn - glad you're enjoying it!

Happy New Year to all our viewers out there!


The admin who deleted Zanta was wrong to do so on two counts. First, as mentioned, Zanta is really notable within Toronto. In fact Amber's new employer (Citytv) got him banned from their area because he kept messing up too many of their shows.

But the main reason he's wrong in his deletion is anyone that "just might" be notable should be put on "Articles for deletion", so people can come and try and save the article from it's demise. This admin just hit delete, which is totally not the proper way in such a scenario.

As for that band, even if they were notable locally, which they weren't, the only place we could hope to verify facts were their MySpace. Sadly, we try to avoid official sites like the plague, as they're not necessarily 100% accurate to real life.

If they had been reviewed by a local newspaper, an alt paper like The Georgia Straight or West Ender, or even a zine or prominent blog. But they had nearly 0 Google hits when we deleted them.

You two, on the other hand, are among the most downloaded tech podcasts, you both appear regularly on your TV or radio shows, you both have been cited as experts by newspapers, etc., and your personal life/careers have been discussed public, thus we've got a wealth of information to prove you're among the most notable techie personalities of the decade so far.

At this point, you're both in Wikipedia for life.

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