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December 18, 2006


Great to see Leo and Amber again! Very cool episode...keep it up, guys!

Best episode ever!

Amber & Leo rocks!!

I never understood why people would want to buy music off of iTunes. Maybe if it was a lossless format, and not DRM-crippled I would consider it.

“You’re the smartest Elf I know!”

This should become a "CommandN classic quote"!

i liked that 1 2, phil


Wow - Jeff's typing is not so good!!!

BTW - big thanks to Leo, Jeff, Chris, and Bri for a fantastic show ;0).


nice show!!
Jeff needs a frogpad.

Thanks all for the good show.

Amber, It's your fault I am going out to buy a mac! You should go into sales.

the flash player is down currently.


Hipcast has been having some hiccups lately. It appears to be fine now.


Hey Jeff,

Instead of buying an mp3 watch perhaps you should have had someone mend that coat so that you didn't have to staple the sleeve. :)

Merry Christmas CommandN Team!

i was wondering if anyone would spot my "sewing" prowess, paulie. :-)


Jeff - I'll get you a coat ;)! LOL!



Its always great having leo on cmdN - nice show guys - very festive - Have a good and safe merry Christmas :)

ps: MAC 4ever!

btw this ep is a keeper.

In case Amber or anyone wants to try and out-Elf Leo!...TV here just showed this site...

Thanks Phil!

I did mine a few days ago. You can check it out here if you're interested:



Hi Amber,

Feliz Natal...


* Merry Christmas in brazilian portuguese... ;^)

Merry Christmas, Commandn. i really like the show :)

BTW, i have no idea how to contact Leo, so i hope it's ok to put this here.

the 'Radio Leo' feed for security now 71 points to the wrong episode - SN-69, it should be SN-71 :|


here's a link for amber -

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