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November 29, 2006


Well we got this month's muzikDEN up just in time - the couple of weeks I spent in Sri Lanka at the beginning of November definitely threw us off track a bit. :-)

We hope you enjoy this month's episode and we'll be making every effort to release December's muzikDEN before Christmas (as we've got some great gift ideas for you!).

So let us know what you think of this (and all) episode as well as any requests for future segments you might have (and, of course, point out any technical difficulties you might experience).

Welcome to the 'DEN!


Awesome job bro!!! Seriously, my fave episode yet ;).


nice job

Wish it was more than a monthly netcast. It is awsome.

Thanks a ton for your comments everyone! It's great to get such positive feedback.

ABE: We'd love to have muzikDEN more often but we're more concerned about making sure every episode has top quality content, so we'll be sticking to monthly for now (or until someone decides to pay me ;-) ).

Keep watchin'!


Thats cool. I have ya in my I-Tunes so I'll never miss an episode. :-)

just checked this out on a lark - glad I did. I've never heard of Terry Pulliam but he's either a natural and/or an old pro, I'll be back for him.

had to comment again: K-OS, Smile album references and a sitar-like instrument - all good. The club gear segment was interesting too. Looking forward to more of these

Hey Stan,

There'll be lots more too, so stay tuned.

BTW Terry's been doing/teaching/living audio for a long time and was on the radio as well, so he's definitely an old pro. ;-)

Thanks for watching!


Hey guys!

I'm from toronto too, I have been a big fan since the first episode. Amber I have watched since your first episode of call for help until I got rid of tech tv. I was so excited that one day when I saw you got a job with City. I was trying to get co-op with city before a couple years back but I never went through with it, now im in applying for school at ryerson (film studies). Anyway I would love to hang out with any of the commandn crew sometime, im not too far from downtown either and soem of the guys at work (Staples) talk about CFH and other shows every once in a while. Anyway Keepy on rocking!

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