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November 26, 2006


Very entertaining episode! I miss Mike, of course, but I look forward to what you try in the future.

The "Will It Blend?" URL in the show notes is missing a 'd' on the end.


The URL is now fixed! Thanks.


Good job guys.
I miss Thursday Nights :(:(

Love Mikey

So, how many viewers noticed the (intentional?) continuity error?

While not bad, this episode just didn't do it for me. I know you guys are searching for 1 week co-hosts, but Amber alone, it just doesn't cut it. headLINES, while a good segment isn't really about learning news, it's about hearing your opinions. Battling opinions is what makes it interesting, even if you both agree, just to hear a second view makes it good. Solo is boring, even if it is Amber doing it. webPICKS suffers the same fate.

Now I know you couldn't find somebody that quick, but hey, I know you're camera shy, but I know you can do it, so I say for now, put Brian in front of the camera along with Amber. Brian may not be the greatest, but it's great for experience and it's better than flying it solo. I think it would help Brian's nerves too being with a co-host. Give it a shot, there's nothing to lose.

Thx for your feedback! We're looking for different people to step in to co-host, so we appreciate your patience as we work things out.

Amber ;)

Breaking news!

Mike's replacement:


muzikDEN03 is LIVE!

You've probably already noticed, but this month's muzikDEN is now online - take a look and release your inner music geek! :-)


PS: Pretty funny pic, Monkey!


Mikey's gone!

Totally gutted, I've been watching Command N for the last year and hadn't got around to watching last week's episode.

I guess that means there's a job going spare- I shall send my resume!

Rick, Manchester, England.

Shows [and podcasts] evolve all the time, including changing hosts. Heck I'd step in for this weeks show while I'm in the T.O. and I hope that others feel that way as well.

All too often when one host leaves, the other's interest starts to wane having to carry the show alone, and I'd hate to see that happen to CommandN.


It was a great show...despite the fact that the class clown is gone :P
JEFF - GREat segment...I gotta show this podcast to a few wanna be videographers. BRIAN - get BETTER LIGHTS dude...watching gorgeous amber in OVER EXPOSED MODE aint funny :D -

TILL next week command N - PEACE!!

I enjoyed this episode. Great job Amber.

Thanks! We've got a great tech tips segment coming for you Monday too on Audio Podcasting.


Great show, as usual.

I went to check out Netfirms based off the advertisement. The site was down. I double checked it in Google and as of 12/1 2pm CST, it's down. Scary for a hosting provider!

I'm not sure why Netfirms was down, but I notice now that the site has been considerably redesigned since last time I looked. So maybe they were putting the new site up(?).

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the show!


:( Mikey is gone. At least Amber is still on.... And Jeff... If you quit too, then.... :(:(

When is mikey starting his own 'TWiT'-like thing i wonder ?

Also, Net@Nite is such a great show! Great work Amber.

You can count on me and Amber, Chris - we here to stay :-) !


I'm not going anywhere either!

Working on getting episode 71 out right now (a little late but it's coming).


I doubt if Amber needs any great quantity of suggestions whether they be about content or technique.

The show will continue to grow under her management -- reflecting her character and her understanding of where this tech world we live in -- is taking us all.

Amber -- Rock on!

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