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October 16, 2006


After that joke, Amber, I can see why Mike might be steamed... ;-)

My favorite Halloween movie is "Saturday the 14th". OK, so I don't like horror movies. It's a pretty awful movie. I think for Halloween I'll be a Chia Pet.

I'm not a big fan of horror flicks either, but my favourite Halloween-esque film is a tie between Shaun of the Dead and Hocus Pocus.

Amber, you think that joke is bad?? What type of sandals do frogs wear? Open-TOAD!! Badum-pish!

Looks like the iPod video link is to episode 65?

Hi Mike, Amber and Jeff

Thanks for the great show, my favourite horror movie is "28 Days Later" that movie is full on.

Jeff I'm really enjoying your how to segments. great stuff!

Should be fixed now ;)!

Good show guys.

I liked the joke Amber, keep them coming!

favorite horror classic: Dawn Of The Dead

favorite horror import: Trance (from Germany)

favorite horror of recent: Grudge/Ju-On series

"Who's Tom?"

Hey guys. I can not watch commandn anymore on my ipod because of the freezing problem with firmware 1.2. So I had to put 1.1.2 back on and now your vidcast will not sync to my ipod because my firmware is out of date. There has been very little said about this problem in the tech podcasts and Apple will not acknowledge this issue. Therefore I have started a petition for a fix. The url is above.

Hope to watch your show again soon.

Veeeeeery interesting Jeff's video part!

Best rgrds from italy
since the 1st episode

- f

Hey yall,
my fave halloween flick is A Nightmare on Elm Street - i watch that flick every year! Anyways, Jeff great segment, i'm a videographer myself, you guys should talk a bit more about long and close up shots. I've seen alot of vlogs and most are crap because they only use one boring long shot, no close ups, or even cut-aways.It'd be cool if yall can talk about how important those type of shots are :) PEACE

Another great episode. Amber, your joke made me laugh... but I am a sucker for a silly joke.

I hope to have both a digital video camera and some kids to take tons of footage of soon. Jeff's video segment was great I am look forward to many more bits of knowledge being passed on.

For Halloween costumes, I saw this great post on the Make blog on how to make homemade robot costumes:


Keep up the great work!

Hey guys,

Glad you liked the segments this week.

EMMANUEL: That's a good point about the long shots vs. closeups/cutaways. Our segment was already pretty long for one show, so we wanted to focus on what most people would find most immediately useful. That said, we'll keep your comments in mind for future segments on the subject (as Chris and I aren't done yet of handing out some good, free video tips! :-) ).




I loved the gaming news you guys covered. I'm partial to Brian covering gaming so please, pretty please get him to do it. He just does it so enthusiastically. Anyway my favorite horror movie is Night of the Living Dead 2 with the gorgeous French Canadian, Emmanuelle Vagier. Jeff i appreciate the video tips I'm working on a sneaker culture vlog and the tips are plenty helpful.

Keep them segments coming Jeff! cant wait for the Halloween episode guys..hope 1 of you does an evil laugh muahhahhaha. i.e Mikey.

I dont remember how i stumble across this website, but i'm glad i did.

I was going to say my favorite halloween movie is "Queen of the Damn", but after watching The Grudge II, i have a new halloween movie.

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