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October 23, 2006


MoveDigital has BitTorrent support as well as direct download. Would that help with bandwidth costs?


I am not affiliated in any way. Just a suggestion to consider.

Hi Andrew,

I'll check that out for sure. The remaining files are just uploading now BTW. :-)

Thanks for watching!


Another very interesting show. Watched the whole thing through without pausing or fidgeting. As a listenR, I learned a lot from the microphone segment. It's disappointing when big-name CDs are released with obvious distortions, possibly caused by poor microphone selection, placement, or recording levels. Seems like it's a common problem when recording pianos (massive dynamic range).

Great episode! The composR segment was awesome. That's a huge help to people writing songs, I learned a little something in there. The mic information was great too, those shure mics are always rated well.

Thanks for doing this up, I hope you keep it going!!

Am downloading now! So great to have another muzikDEN in the can ;)!


Thanks for your comments everyone! Great to see you're all getting useful info from muzikDEN - that's what it's here for and great to get some feedback from the viewers.


Nice job. I particularly appreciate the intro to mics, would be great to see a follow up on how to record vocals.

As a guitar teacher I'd like to make a constructive point (not criticism). When you are explaining the 12 bar blues progression you are explaining it to novices (intermediate players already know this info) but your wording gets a little bit dicey vis-a-vis true novices. This is a pretty common mix up in video instructional materials, 80% of the Lynda.com stuff features people explaining advances concepts in over-simplified terms and vice versa. So no big deal, just a heads up.

Great job, I'm impressed with your effort. Please keep it up. Best wishes.

BTW Jeff one suggestion from an experienced hand which didn't make it into your cast vis-a-vis acquiring/using mics.

The tip is; Mics are very easy to rent. Here in Canada you can rent from Long & McQuade even if you have no credit card all they require is a quick history check and a $20 deposit.

So a good idea is to go rent a mic and try it before you buy it, for many mics you can rent them for under $10. It's a great way to find the right match for you.

*Remember that for condensor mics you will need a source of phantom power. If you don't have a mixer/unit with phantom power, you can rent an really inexpensive preamp like the ART tubeMP for about $8 per month.

*AND* if you decide to buy your rental unit, Long & McQuade will deduct 70% of your (total) rental fees from the price. So rent, rent, rent. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

One last tip. The AT4033 ($45 per month at L & M) is a great vocal mic for high end recordings and for people on a budget the Apex 110 is a great little vocal condensor for only $59 new.

Anyhow, hope this has been helpful. A lot of people don't realize how cheap and easy it is to rent good mics to assess them, or use them for critical recordings. I rent almost all the mics I buy first. That way I get to use the gear and make sure it's the right match for me.

Shure 58 mics are great for live work but forget them for studio vocals, not the way to go. The Apex 110 for $59 outshines it in the studio for most typical applications. There are a variety of inexpensive Chinese made mics which will outshine the SM58 in the studio. Given the current mic landscape there's no place for the Shure 58 in a recording studio, it's just a throwback to engineers who are familiar with it. It would be a very simple task to find a much more sonically pleasing recording mic within it's price range from a variety of manufacturers nowadays. So remember, try the new stuff first.

P.S. Same goes for the Neumann U87. It's not that great a mic, but it's a trusted industry standard which a lot of engineers fixate on. Truth is that there are tons of sonically superior mics in that price class these days. So ignore the name and use your ears, you'll get much better results. Commerical studios have no choice but to stock big name great despite performance considerations, but you have no such restriction so have fun and try them all. :)

Great Episode!

Also, Were is the commandN episode for this week? Doesn't it usually come out on Sunday or Monday?

We're doing a Halloween Special - will be live Sunday night!!! :)

Live? A Live podcast? A Non-edited podcast? or a Live-Stream?

Sorry, Chris, the Hallowe'en show won't be filmed live, just live on the web :-) .

Thanks everyone for the comments - great to have people share their tips too, so keep 'em coming!


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Wow, that's a great comment . What the heck is the matter with the internet that we get all this crap posted. I just downloaded all the emails from an email I haven't used in a month or two and I got... six THOUSAND emails - ALL of them spam. Please - someone kill these people.

More realistically: Everyone, do us all a favour and never click on anything or respond to spam - you're only making it worse. Spammers - go find some place to die a terrible death - you deserve it. Really.

For the rest of you legitimate posters - thanks for the comments. Lots more great muzikDEN coming up!

Talk soon,


Nice podcast. Keep the good content flowing.
I have one request though. Can we have an Xvid version of the podcast? It will be very useful for those with non-iPod portable devices. I have always used the Xvid version of commandN. :D


I'm still in Sri Lanka, so it's been difficult for me to check comments here reliably.

We can certainly investigate an Xvid version, although time will be so tight to get the next episode out, I'm not sure November will see an Xvid version (if we do decide to do that, we might go back and re-encode the earlier eps).

How do other people feel about this?

Thanks for watching,


Great show. Found it all to be very useful!

Though, I was a bit annoyed with the composR-section, that the graphics on the screen made it impossible to se whatever Jeff was doing on the guitar (his hands).

Great show, you guys. Really recommendable!

I love Flaminig Lips since I've been at Toronto Rocks on july 2003!

Great work here (muzikDEN & commandN both)!
Congratulations from Italy! ;-)


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