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October 29, 2006


Nice job as always. Particularly like the Captain Mike Sparrow and Go Go Dancer Amber costumes. Maybe you should just keep that look Amber. I'm sure CityTV wouldn't mind.

I don't see how all of you (especially Amber) do these quality side projects along with the day jobs. Whew. I get tired just thinking about it.

Happy Halloween!

None of the links are working.

Hi Jim,

I think libsyn is a little slow right now. It should get a little faster so try back in a hour or so.

Mike Laz

Downloading at 2.5 KB/s. Firefox estimates it'll take about 8.5 hours to download. :)

If I've finished downloading the episode can I put up a bittorent link?

Or would that be against the rules of this site?




That would be great.

We will also have a flash and a mirror of the h264 up in 10 or so min.

Mike Laz

Thx for your help everyone!

On the subject of the "pumpkin head" on YouTube: I think this episode should have been prominently labeled "insulting to pumpkins". Other than that it was fabulous as usual. :)

I sure hope the 'Laz isn't out of a job once net@nite launches

Mike - just a request for the future, could you possibly keep a thick sock or something similar on standby in case Amber tries to tell another joke? That's two weeks in a row now my brain's almost melted ;)

Good show guys, all the costumes were great.


Me too.

Mike Laz

Happy Halloween! Nice show and costumes.

love the show, great as usual and I like Amber's jokes, I think she should be able to tell them on the show

You guys should definitely post some pics of your costumes. Looked great on the show. Keep the corny jokes coming, they're sooooo Amber.


I have a few photos from the shoot up on my flickr account here:



I think what you guys are doing is awesome I can't wait till you all have T.V. Spots like Amber.



how many Amber jokes will it take before Mikey kills himself?

...no really, how much?

We've already been told not to upgrade to IE 7 because some webapps won't work anymore...

Thomas Dolby's company Beatnik, Inc., provides a lot of tech for audio files on cellphones, especially ringtones. Yes, that Thomas Dolby.


So how about a picture of Amber in that dress?!!?

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