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September 16, 2006


Good point, JUDAH. Actually, that's our mixing error, not Terry's. We should have mixed the drum tracks up higher so you could hear them better (as we had different audio feeds for Terry's voice and the drums - a good idea but I think we didn't end up mixing it quite right :-) ). Thanks for the tip!


A good site that I read about is www.amie.st. Kind of like garageband.com with a bit of a spin when it comes to getting your music popular, you'll have to read about it to get the idea.

Also a great place to guitar lessons that are MADE for internet viewing is www.guitarmasterclass.net. I'm a paying subscriber ($10 a month) and it's pretty sweet for a guitar player... I mean playR ;)

I just wanted to throw those in there as a possible ideas for you Jeff.

Thanks Rick - both sites look very cool! We'll try to cover one or both of these in the surfR segment over the next few eps.

Keep the tips coming - very helpful for us all! :-)


Jeff, you are an interesting, intelligent guy but it seems like you are still seeking the ideal context to deliver your content. As a genX Canadian musician and producer I assume I fall somewhere in your target demo so let me give you my opinion - your strength is when you just deliver info in a straight ahead manner. Your weakness is when you try to package stuff. The music den is an example I think of good information packaged in a manner which seems like it should be appealing but actually isn't, i.e. like a Gian Gomeshi CBC spot. If you happen ot enjoy Gian Gomeshi then pardon the analogy, I don't. Anyhow I wish you all the best, power to you for putting this stuff out either way. :)

Not quite sure what you're talking about specifically, Cowtown, but feel free to send me an email to elaborate - we always want to try to improve things! :-)

Working right now on Episode 2!


Just a note to say that October's muzikDEN will be coming out in the next week or so - it was briefly delayed b/c my new Mac Pro ended up arriving late. It'll be so nice not to have to set aside a full day for rendering all the file formats! :-)

Lots of great stuff for you in this next ep: organizing a music festival, basics of reggae drumming, miking vocals, Virgin Festival highlights, and more!


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