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September 16, 2006


Awesome job Jeff and gang! So great to have a new show under the commandN umbrella ;).

If anyone has links to great music sites, post 'em here!


Great job Jeff!

Can't wait for the next one.


Is there a link for the muzikDEN feed so I can subscribe via iTunes? I'm not seeing one!



Download is really slow for me.

2.9 of 87.1 MB (7.0 KB/sec) - 3 hours, 24 minutes remaining.

Netfirms getting hammered?

Can't wait for this one ;)

The iTunes link is in the works, so yes - you'll definitely be able to get it in iTunes!


2 downloads have now just stopped at about 3MB, both the large and small H.264.

I'll wait until tomorrow morning when North America is asleep ;)

I'll check out if there's anything wrong with the server, as that seems terribly slow.

Thanks for the comments!


Lots of great content !
Very unique show, I like the diversity of the segments.
Looking forward to your next episode!

Very interesting. I'm strictly a listenR so I enjoyed the insights into the art, business, and technology of music.

I hope you'll be able to find the content to keep this show going. Thank goodness it's only monthly. You've got your work cut out for you, Jeff.

Great Show. I started listening to it windowed while doing other stuff. After 3 minutes, finding it interesting, I stopped doing other stuff and went full screen. I'm looking foward to the next episode.

Hey, great show. Just a suggestion tho. Maybe Jeff could try and stop waving his arms back and fourth? LoL, I know that you might be a little nervous but you can fight it!

MARC: Don't even remind me about that arm waving :-) - I shot a commandN segment and then one of my own muzikDEN segments and both of the segments with Dave that day and as soon as I saw it (since we only had a short time to shoot with Dave) I was totally kicking myself. Too much adrenaline I guess, but I totally agree - it looks bad :-) .

EVERYONE: Thanks for watching and for the comments (and great to hear that listenRs are still into the whole thing - we'll try to keep it interesting for ya! ;-) !.

PS: Doesn't seem to be a problem with the server r.e. the slow downloads, but let us know if other people are experiencing this.


In Australia, there is a national competition being run by the major youth radio station Triple J. Available to any unsigned bands is national radio exposure, support gigs at major festivals and the recording an album.

Check out www.triplejunearthed.com for more info.

Jeff - I enjoyed the new show. I'd love to see a segment on ways for bands to best exploit the web to promote themselves. eg. How much time should we invest in mySpace vs our own site... and using youTube ala the band "OK Go" and the now famous treadmill video.


as an aspiring musician and entertainment industry professional, i have to say that this is some great work. i'm so glad that there's a vidcast about music with very talented and capable people behind it. already in the first episode alone, i've found useful information and links. thanks so much! keep 'em coming. i'll be tuning in.

25 of 145 MB (180 KB/se) - 11 minutes remaining :)

Much better.

Perhaps it was a UK issue.

NATE: That's great - we're on an "Enterprise" level server, so our download rates should usually be good. In any case, glad it corrected itself. :-)

XANDER/WHITNEY: Topics like how the leverage the internet to market and distribute your band's materials are a natural fit for our managR segment, so I'm sure we'll get something like this covered in the next couple of eps. Thanks for the suggestions and comments!


Hi Jeff, fantastic job. Finally =)

Quick question... how do we submit a site for you to review? We have a site simular to garageband but focused towards DJ's...

Many thanks again =)

Jeff, great job man (to you and the crew). I wasn't sure what to expect but I was happy to see all the cool segments... very neat and very usful for me. I'm just a n00b song writer so there is actually quite a bit that I got from that show.

I talk with my hands too, I know where you're coming from ha!

I'm also glad to see that it's once a month, if it were more than that then I think they would be to rushed and the quality wouldn't be there... I'll take quality over quantity anyday.

Looking forward to the next one.

RICK: Thanks for the feedback - yeah, more than once a month would be very hard to do while keeping the content as solid as I want it to be.

FRITZ/ANYONE: Viewers can submit websites for review or other inquiries/suggestions to muzikden[INSERTatSIGN]commandn.tv OR simply post their suggestions up here if that's easier (I'll be checking regularly).



Great first show Jeff. I like how the show
covers alot of different ground and I think this will be Muzikden's greatest

Only one slight in the first episode.
During the mixing segement with Drumagog,
it was hard to tell the differences in the sound samples because Terry was talking constantly while making the changes.
It would have been better if he just
played the original sample and made
the change without talking so we could
hear the change clearly..

other than that, great pilot episode!
can't wait for episode 2!

Keep up the good work man!

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