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September 16, 2006


guys..and girl..the link for the microsoft rss reader's not working, or maybe the website took it down or something. Just thought you should know. Keep up the good work guys. Hope commandn stays on for a longggg time.

Hi Amber,
Great show, you all always have so much fun, it's great to watch. Oh BTW you looked very pretty I'm head over heals Amber. Still need to see muzikDEN - Episode 1, I'm sure I'll like it. See you next time.

Hey guys, great episode yet again. That Celtx program is flipping sweet! And the sitemap maker really helps out.

Keep 'em coming. Take care.

Did you guys notice the big pretty apple ad behind you guys while filming, or was that on purpose :P. Still watching, but great job!

Hi Command N
Great episode
now whats that iTMS work around you mentioned?


We picked that spot on purpose since we had a lot of Apple news off the top.

I also like the fact that it looks like Amber has album art coming out of her head during the tease!


GLEN: Celtx is totally awesome - I was blown away when Chris introduced me to it. Soooooo useful.


We'll get Mikey to post the workaround ;)! Mikey, are you out there?


I posted the workaround on my blog at http://mikelaz.com/?p=8

Thanks to Ardith for the work around.

Mike Laz

Am I the only one who is getting errors from I-Tunes in downloading this episode. I've subscribed, unsubscribed and then subcribed again. This is the error I'm getting, "There was a problem in downloading commandN Episode 62. An unknown error occured (416). Please check that the URL is correct and the connection to the network is active and try again."

I've reset the URL, All my other podcasts are working just fine and have been downloading all week long.

Any hints in getting this episode to download would be wonderful. I've watched it online which was the best work around. Hoping that Episode 63 won't have the same problem.




Which iTunes feed are you subscribed to? H.264, MPEG4 or iPod friendly?


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