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August 20, 2006


excellent work, keep it up. Send me an email when you get the booking down for the boat trip. Cya then ;)

I like the program and I especially like the shorter format of this episode. The timing and length of this episode was the best I've seen to date. Keep up the great work.
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Yes, the pacing during this ep was great!

Thx for your feedback ;-).

Hi Amber,
Great show, good tip from Brian, I'm going to put it on one of my blogs. Oh one more thing, you look super cute with your hair like that.

Man oh man Amber & Crew, this was one of your greatest episodes yet. Besides being a little short, it moved along nicely.

I liked Brian doing the longer segment of the show, it gives him practice and it gave you guys the chance to put in Jeff in webPICKS. Jeff seems much looser in that segment than in hotSTUFF or whatever longer segment he does for an episode. Chris is pretty good too, considering he's only appeared a couple times.

I also liked that even though you Jeff and Chris had the last segment of the show, Mike and Amber got the final word of the show. Best format by far. Keep it up you 4 (or 5).

Hi Paul,

Yeah, it's incredible how much easier it is to do a segment with another person than to do it by yourself. Amber pulls off her solo segment pretty well but she's an old pro by now ;-) .

We'll keep switching things up (sometimes just by necessity, as Brian has a ton of work editing together the eps and Chris and I want to leave some webPICKS for Amb and Mike too), but we'll try to keep working on the balance between pacing and length.

Thanks for watching,


Yes, I agree with the other comments. Nice snappy episode which I actually got to watch in the week of release :)
I was hoping that the out take was going to be Amber punching Mike but it was a continuation of your mini serialisation of Hitchcock's 'The Birds' which has to be one of Amber's favourite films ;)

Not to be mean, but I've noticed that Amber's voice is when she's doing the show. When she's speaking naturally, like in those snippets at the end, I think her voice sounds better. Might wanna concider seeing if you can keep that voice all the time.

Also Mike should say things besides absolutely... unless that's some sort of running joke I don't know about.

doh. "Amber's voice is when she's doing" should be Amber's voice is different when she's doing the show.

Go me.

"Pigeons are everywhere" ... I love it. :)

yup, just echoing what everyone said. love the pace in this one! hey, its rare that Amber ties up her hair..always thought she like didnt want her ears to be seen. Reminds me of an old call for help episode where she said she had elf ears and her school mates used to call her Spock, which is uber mean by the way. Haha, they're not pointy Amber!

Loved the episode! Great one, indeed. Enjoyed the DS Lite info--I own a PSP and I was never sure how the homebrew market was doing for the Lite. I mean, I know that people have hacked the DS, but I didn't know that it was so easy. Since Nintendo doesn't have any "firmware" updates, there is no way to update the hardware, so homebrew-ers basically have some freedom.

But, I would take my security-enhancing "firmware" updates anyday over the DS Lite. Because of these updates, it really prevents the PSP from getting outdated. Already in the PSP's short 1+ year lifespan, we've seen the addition of an internet browser, RSS audio support, RSS video support (great for commandN downloads :)), Flash support, and more. It freshens the PSP and keeps it from outdating, similar to what happened to the original NDS.

Yet, the DS Lite has a big advantage because of its size and the gaming collection. Nintendo developers hit the right spot with the release of games like Nintendogs and New SMB, while SONY has failed to come out with a strong first-party game thus far. Hopefully, LocoRoco will be able to accomplish that in the US. I am looking forward to more gaming news as a part of commandN, even though technology is what makes this show best. Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing Brian McKechnie on the show. Besides the anniversary show, I haven't remembered the last time I've seen him.

Ah, yes, I remember that pointy ear comment! Darn, I should keep my mouth shut ;).

Thx everyone for your feedback this week - much appreciated.


You get yourself into a lot of trouble with those off-hand comments, Amb. I'm just glad that I didn't say anything or I'm sure I'd be in for it ;-) .


Hey Guys and One Hot Girl,

Love the show. I noticed that in this episode somthing looked a little weird during the insight (Besides the shadow on Amber's Face) I realized that she is wearing a diffrent shirt.

Keep up the good work.

Charlotte NC


We had to re-shoot the inSITE segment a few days later and didn't have much time. Shirt and shadows all happened because of this.


Just wanted to say that this was a GREAT episode! You all did such a great job! I *do* like the longer episodes though :) I just can't get enough of you guys. For me, around 20 minutes or so is ideal. But again, this was a great show it ran very smoothly.

One thing I gotta ask just out of sheer curiosity, how come GoDaddy didn't sponser this episode? Any particular reason? I've become so used to Amber saying "this week's episode is sponsered by GoDaddy" and when she said NetFirms I was like woahhhh what's going on here?! LOL it was weird.

Keep up the awesome work, guys. :)

The shorter length works better.

last posts...wooohhooo! just finished watch ep. 59. so i'll have to wait for the link and postings. thanks for the disclaimer Amb.

Great show, but could have used one more segment in my opinion.
Sorry to be a hemorrhoid, but is there any progress in getting the archives back up?

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