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August 13, 2006


Hi Amber

Great show you and Mickey are hilarious, and very pretty, well you are. Not that Mikey isn't I'm just saying ...ah oh heck never mind.

Good show guys. Interesting story about the Wikipedia power-user, but I predict the Web 2.0 thing (free content and labor) is a bubble that will bust within a year. Can you Digg what Im saying? (haha)

Why doesn't Jeff ever write or practice his bit? It would only take an extra 10 minutes to write out notes and put them near the camera. It makes the show seem really unprofessional and it totally drags in that part. He's always stumbling over words. He should either practice more or edit it better. It's just so painful every week.

I do write things out, Lulu, but our show has always embraced a "live" feel and we all have a lot of other responsibilities we need to attend to as well (e.g. jobs that actually make money instead of making us spend money :-) ). I'd love to have the time to throroughly rehearse each segment but I spend what time I have after work first discovering, researching, and preparing new content each week.

If you noticed the past couple of segments have had enormous amounts of wind for me, which means I can't easily have anything near the camera (as it would blow around). I'm going to make up a commandN note holder like Mike and Amber have, so maybe I'll go to do this at Kinko's out of the money I know you've probably donated to help us improve the show, Lulu. At that point perhaps you can complain that I'm reading off of cue cards. >:-)

Seriously, though, techTIPS (and to a lesser degree, hotSTUFF) segments are a lot more intensive to do than rattling off the news b/c there is so much information that must be presented in a certain order, etc. These are the "meatiest" segments for a lot of people, so I'm concerned first and foremost about what the info is and then I do my best to make a smooth presentation. As people who've offered to do these types of segments for us have told me, it's a lot harder than it looks - just give it a try. And Brian does the editing, so that one's out of my hands. ;-)

We do appreciate your comments, people, just keep things contructive (and there were some contructive comments in Lulu's note) and maybe take a read through how you've said things before posting to see if you can't present these critiques in an un-harsh way (Lulu might want to work on that one).

Thanks for watching!


Yes, thanks for the feedback! None of us write scripts. We really want it to feel live and raw, which I think it does.

Also, it's A LOT harder to do segments solo...

Anyhow, thx for the feedback. If you do have other comments, email info@commandn.tv.

Thx for watching!

I do see Lulu's point and I agree to a certain extent (a lil too harsh for my liking) but well, perhaps we gotta like take into account that Amber probably has much more experience being in front of a camera compared to Jeff. Y'know some ppl are a natural some ppl arent in front of the camera..that sort of thing. Not that Jeff's presenting style bugs me or anything. In my opinion it DOES give a "live" and raw feel to the whole production which i feel enables us viewers to connect much more closely with the presenters. If that makes any sense at all. Ive to say though, the chemistry between Mikey and Amber just gets better with every show. Keep it up guys.

Yes, I've had a lot more experience - and if you look at Ep 1-10 of commandN, you'll see that my delivery lacked any smoothness at all ;) - and I expect that after each show, everyone on the team gets better and better!!!

Good show as ever, guys, and congrats on ranking so high with the Canadian podcast downloaders.

On the point of pigeon blogs, I respectfully direct you to an interview with a pigeon on Londonist... http://www.londonist.com/archives/2006/07/interview_brian.php

(Disclaimer: I write for Londonist although I had nothing to do with the interview)

Greetings from Singapore... Just happened to find your show and have set it up for download each week. It is great! Good to hear some good old "Canadian Eh" too!
I would be interested in knowing when Apple iTunes will be available in this part of the world? Or if anyone knows a work around to purchase tunes( legally) in countries where iTunes are not available yet. Keep up the good work.

good job guys & girls, i do appreciate the effort & i know i couldn't do it better,,,i also know the talent & knowledge amber & mike have, u r both a great xample of what we need 4 the 411..i'm a great fan of callforhelp, commandN, & all the other blogs that u guys mention..
let's just say that u influence & guide my computer life...
u r the front line...
i thank u...

Still love the show every week, I don't miss it. The bloops and the end are great as always. Thanks for adding them back it. Take Care guys

That's weird - I was just thinking how much more comfortable Jeff seems in front of the camera than he did in the early episodes.

I've never actually visited the site before but thought I'd seek out links to the photos that won the competition, but I can't find 'em. Can anyone help?

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