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August 27, 2006


The opening was cool. It wasn't perfected at all, but you guys tried something new, and I thought that was awesome.

While last week had the best pacing you guys have probably ever had, I thought you guys had one of the most fun times in an episode today. You play with the environment in the middle of the episode. Went off-topic during a topic in headLINES, and even continued it before webPICKS.

While you guys are a like a news broadcast, the podcast isn't restricted in any way in what you can do in the 15 minutes, so seeing the four of you 'break out', while staying in a format just is really fun to watch.

Very good Amber, Mikey, Brian and Jeff, very good.

I believe that aliens look like a super-intelligent shade of the color blue. ;)

Hi Amber,

Great show, now I know what to call it when my PC is on, plus my tv, and sometimes one of my game consoles, "Multitasking". Oh that reminds me, beautiful, you looked absolutely without a doubt, beautiful.


Thanks for the feedback.

Since we got our new camera in this week (Sony PD-170 DVCAM) we wanted to play with different opening shots. The one I went with was not perfect but something about the raw feel to it I liked.

We are going to try to break routine more often so that we don't feel like the same news format each week.


Not to take too much away from Mark Burnett's fame, but he did no really invent "Survivor". The concept was created by Charlie Parson at the european company "Planet 24", and the first implementation of his idea was the Swedish TV-show "Expedition Robinson" in 1997. Mark Burnett merely bought the US rights for the show.

I think the aliens would look very similar to Mike -- at least the aliens who would make a Firefox crop circle...

Yes, Mikey is definitely an alien? Mikey, are you reading this? Hope not!!! :)


I think a alien looks just like a human!

The aliens' advanced technology would be such that their physical appearance would allow them to infiltrate the ranks of humans, just like Mike is doing. The strange thing is that, if Mike is actually an alien coming from a society that uses state-of-the-art technology, he really should be using Mac OS X instead of Windows ;-) .


Unless the sole purpose of the aliens is to bring our society down, in which case his promotion of Windows would be understandable.

Alex, whoever said that the aliens had to be more intelligent than us? :)

M. Night Shyamalan, Steven Spielberg, Ronald Moore, and Paul Fusco have tried to push this presupposition on the public, Brian. But you do raise a good point.

You're not fooling anyone now, Mikey. Your charade has been exposed.

Mike - why the two extremes?

Aliens could be half-good, half-evil for all we know or anywhere on the good/evil spectrum.

I'm not sure about the opening shot, personally, but it's good that you're playing around with different styles/ideas.

lol , Mikey said Cap'n JACK BLACK
...I didn't know jack black was a captain ? ...nice

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