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July 16, 2006


Well, I won't go on for hours and hours with my comment this week, but it was a great show. I really liked the camera lighting. Well, at least the location you chose. The quality just looked so much better than it ever has before. I don't know why. The stories were entertaining, and it was just a very good episode overall. Keep it up Amber & Crew.

BTW Amber, The Amazing Race does rule. :-)

While we're on the subject of myspace. I know it has to be too far along to go back. However, if that's the number one site on the web, it sets a terrible example of what web design is all about. Not to mention its many other faults. Anyway, congrats to Tom and yes I am a little jealous :)

Your link to Google Video is broken. It's video.google.com not google.video.com. =)

Thanks for the feed last night. Wonderful show! I'm very interested in the links. As I posted on Mikey's blog. We already know Amb's middle name it's no secret nor is yours: Joseph. Keep things private or you'll end up on Gawker Stalker and we don't want that....

I hope no one from this outfit decides to boom in any form or fashion.

The internet is harder to navigate than the Amazing Race. Let the fat cats keep there 'reality' shows. It will eventually pass as all flash in the pants shows go,

Keep your self-respect, dignity and privacy.

I love all for what you do with this show. places I would have no clue to go.

' ' ...like the one where the guy is drinking a flaming shot and lights his face on fire. ' '

This is why you're the king, Mike!

I'm only a year or two older than Amber, I thought the CBC piece was pretty good. Those were probably the last days of a relatively clean internet...and then there was AOL. Think Myspace vs Web2.0 and you can imagine AOL's general impact on the quality of the net community.

If you watch a 1997-98 video of Dvorak talking about Webcams, he comes of like some kind of genius. These old videos are great.

I'll fix the Google link! Thx, and so glad you liked this ep ;).


Great episode as always :) And as always we posted it up on PopCurrent, if you love commandN, come by and Pop it!


A link to a FedEx video? I don't see it here...

Also, a curious question:
How do you guys pick your locations for the show?

The content of the show is really great and is far and away more important than where you dispense it, but it looks (and sounds) like this week was filmed in an alley. Are you guys hiding from the permit police? :)

I know that CommandN is filmed very "guerilla-style" and that's part of the show's charm, but as an American, I enjoy seeing scenic Canada as a backdrop to the show - it's like online tourism!

Perhaps as CommandN grows, the show could visit more exciting locations?

I would suggest a CommandN North American Tour!

It would be great publicity!
Vancouver, L.A., Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc....and I know if you were to stop and shoot here in Kansas City, there are many great places you could visit!

Anyway, just a crazy suggestion for a show that is already pretty great. Have a fabulous year two!

P.S. Amber:
I purchased songs from Gnarls Barkley based on your recommendation a few episodes ago. Some really good music! Thanks!

Is it just me, or is there some white noise going on during the webpick of the week?


We would love to do a North American Tour but since we currently do not have a revenue stream it is a little tough to plan things like that.

This week was an example of all of us being too busy with our day jobs to scout a proper location.


You are correct about the noise. We actually had interference on the wireless lav mic's (Sony UTX-B1 for those interested) from the a trucking depot across the street. See above as to why the shabby local this week.


Love the show as always guys. Needs more blooper shots at the end of the show. I love those! Amber is so cute when she gets the giggles.

Oh, there will be more bloopers than you can handle soon enough!!!
-Amber ;-)

Thanks for the link, just watched the Google show.
How I miss sbs. All I get is mostly the Japanese Darth Vader. ;)

atode ne

They show minicom in the documentary! :-)

Hey you made me famous! :-)

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