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July 11, 2006


The Cronenberg interview:
great work! What an opportunity and you came off with a good segment.

This was good too. Good tips. The need to be more cautious is becoming an unfortunate reality in Canada as well.

Thanks Stan!

I was very nervous going into the interview as he is one of my inspirations as a filmmaker.

He was excellent though and even chatted with me after we were done taping which was very cool.


Congrats guys!
-Chris S

Wow, definitely the best episode yet! Happy Birthday commandN!

Congrats you guys - well done! Love Commandn and use it constantly as a resource for my blog. Thanks again.

So glad you like the show! We had A LOT of fun doing this ep ;-).


Wow it's Number Fifty-Two. It took little over a year, but this means you guys only took a couple weeks off just to tape a year full of episodes. Very impressive.

Pretty much every segment that is currently in the commandN rotation was featured today, which was a pleasant suprise for me, and it gave everybody the chance to 'shine' by themselves. Why not go through and compare you all through the year.

Jeff: You've probably changed the most since the start. You were really stiff at the start of commN, but as each episode goes by, you can see that you're not just standing there reading a cue card. You could see it in the hotSTUFF segment, that you were having fun with the beanbag chair, and just enjoying yourself. Through the next year, I hope you continue to grown more, as you still have room to, but you're almost there, just work for it.

Brian: Ah Brian, the 'shy guy' as I like to call him. Somebody who loves the camera, but you never see him in front of it. Brian, you choose some interesting topics to talk about, which makes your segments interesting. Due to your rare appearences on the camera, you still are a little stiff, but hopefully some more appearences can fix that. You really held your own through the interview, and I like seeing that. So keep it up.

Mikey: Ah, the co-host and Call For Help assistant entertaining week in and week out. Mr. Hot Stuff Lazazzera used to throw in jokes like a new e-mail every week, different hair styles, and new nicknames. Seems to have taken a more proffesional turn as of late. Even though that's always good, commandN needs it's 'funny guy', and that's you Mikey. Hope to see some of that old charm come through in the next year.

Amber: Well look at you. A replacement co-host [or pretty much an assistant to Leo Laporte back then] on Call For Help. You were just another face in the crowd who had their chance on a TV Show. Female geeks seem to be rare. But you know what you are talking about when you're hooked up to a microphone, and that's what made you stand out of that crowd. Since then you pretty much are as big of a name on Call for Help now as Leo Laporte is, you have your own Video Podcast [commandN], your own Podcast [Inside the Net], and your own TV Show [Torrent]! All these things and the fact that you're nice, smart, and pretty, makes you pretty much the first real 'geek goddess'. Congratulations Amber, and you can only get bigger from here.

commandN is one year old. commandN has helped all of you grow in some way and that's what is so awesome about it's birthday, the way you can reflect on the past. The awesome part is, that all of you could be doing bigger and better things right now, yet you stick with this little project. You guys are like a family [well two of you are actually], and you can tell with every production that it was made with love for the subject, product, and the fans, but not because you had to. Amber and Crew, keep up the good work, and here's to another year!

[Oh my, I typed a lot.]

Thanks Paul and everyone else! We're constantly trying to make the show better and better, and we're very happy that we got to do so much fun stuff for our anniversary ep. Lots more goodness to come in the future from the commandN crew! :-)



Hey Guys,
Love the show!
Who made the music that played toward the end of the show? Thanks.

Congrats to Amber, Mikey, Jeff and Brian on the one year anniversary and thanks for 52 wonderful geek filled shows :D

Mad props to Brian for scoring the Cronenberg interview, well done!

I'm loving the CN 1STB-day show!!!!!

Amb, Jeff & Chris, love the t-shirts!
Brian you rock! Loved the interview.
Mikey, thanks for the security tips. I think I need to go make some changes. You're paranoia's fabulous, stop stressing.

Jeff, what ideas did you have in mind with that iBeanbag chair with the 'female to female' connectors?

Amb you surely move quickly without a teleport. How did you do that..? Are you hiding a Google beta?

Jeff I like the special CN music, I hope you don't wait til Christmas to play it again.

Love you all! CN has solidifying my reason to return to Apple. It's been TOTALLY worth it.

Get ready for web 3.0, have the CN widget chip inserted under your left thumbnail. Jeff, get that webcam up, but first update your blog.

Keep up the fabulous vidcasting, and many more years to come!!

Happy Birthday CommandN! Love the show... absolutely my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every week.

All the best to you all and keep 'em coming!

All the music in the show are bits and pieces of things I've recorded over the years. The live track is "Staccato Sync" off of Solcola's "Into the Groove" album I did in Vancouver, the other tracks are demos and remixes I've done of my previous tunes. We're trying to use more incidental music, so I hope to be sharing more and more as time goes on.

Oh, and in case it wasn't totally tongue in cheek :-) , the female to female RCA adaptors allow to connect two lengths of normal RCA cables to make them longer as a single cable.

PS: I'm trying to update my blog (jeffmacarthur.com) regularly but it's become a weekly instead of a daily thing b/c of everything else I have going. New post today BTW ;-) .


Congratulations to the Cn gang on your 1st anniversary, especially my two "geek" kids. It just keeps getting better,


Thanks Mom :-) .

In terms of the music: the live music was my Staccato Sync tune from Solcola's "Into the Groove" album (thanks Dave, JT, Glyn, Sasa, (and Nicole)!). The song after that (the "electronic" sounding one) was a demo called D7+ I did to land a composing gig once (it was actually intended to be music for a video game). The title sequence was just a quick remix of the normal commandN theme.

We're going to try to include more incidental music in future episodes from time to time, so I thought I'd throw a couple of bits in the anniversary episode. We'll work on further integrating the music in future episodes. Fun!


As always, very good episode. Amber, I thought it was a nice touch that you wore the same shirt both in Toronto with Mike and on the boat with Jeff.


Glad you noticed the tee! :)

The final musical piece is pretty good. Is the electronica element typical of Solcola? Is this stuff available?

oops, GIYF

Solcola is in a bit of a holding pattern right now as I'm currently producing an album of more rootsy stuff (as opposed to the urban funk of Solcola). I'm also working on some more "electronica"-type pieces for future eps, etc. and, once I get a critical mass of these together, will likely wrap them up together in some sort of package :-) .

Thanks for watching (listening ;-) ),


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