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June 26, 2006


A 17 minute long episode? Fantastic! CommandN is back to normal and I love it [although a little change every now and then is fine].

I did like the cheap Call For Help plug at the end of the episode with Leo. Even though you guys are 8 episodes behind. Still 99 cents is a bit too much. That's almost $400 for all the episodes, and I couldn't even keep them all on my hard drive as that'd be..160 gb of space, so more money for the extra hard drive. Oh well, maybe some day.

Keep up the good work you four!

Thanks for the feedback! As for the CFH plug, we just launched Google Video so we're trying to promote it for G4TechTV Canada...and totally understand the cost issues ;-).


I'm downloading show rite now at 100-150 Kb/s which is oK
FYI - (maybe you guyz know about it) SwarmCast.net - its fast and free distribution software service which works like bittorrent. I dont know its safe or not but it makes downloading pretty fast(at high rate)
disclaimer - im new to this technology so i, at this moment, cant say about its cons

Neophiliac- Another word to add to my vocabulary should I ever meet anyone else who wants to get hitched to their electonic goods!! And to think the bathtub and the rubber ducks episode seemed weird.

Great show! Just call it what it is....a Metrotechnical (more apps and gadgets to tweak until they've lost the *bling* luster of a new toy, which has now gone the way of the dog.

Maybe I do listen to Merlin too much, but the advice has helped me regain 50gb of hard space and 70% of my Palm t3. Now if I can locate some new software to remove my photos from Textamerica before they delete me.

Woe to Cat Schwartz-Bartkus & former TechTV/G4 TA users with 1000's of pics. I guess flickr's going to crash in a few months.

Great show as always. Thanks for the StatCounter suggestion on the inSITE segment. I've been looking for a good (free) stats program, so I'll give this one a go. Love the invisible feature.

Also, finally got my commandN t-shirt so yey for that :)

Mikey, I love you, so don't get me wrong, time for a diet. Just a little one. Great show guys. :)

Another good show!

First, killer shirt Amber!

I always get accused of being in a rush in everthing I do too. From walking to working to everything else. Maybe I should check out the site and the book. Hey... maybe everyone's just moving too slow..?

Jeff... what's up with the "perty" flowers bud? :)

And your pronunciation of "CDWinder" cracked me up! I thought was back in Texas again... back dere yander. ;)

I used StatCounter in the past and I agree it's great and FREE, but ever since Google Analytics, nothing comes close... and it's FREE.

Nice ending with the ad for Call For Help and Leo, you're right. I miss Call For Help! I can't believe it's off in the US. What's up with that? 99 cents... I can swing that!

Amber... Leo... how many shows and gigs are you two each involved in... sheesh! And I thought I was busy! ;)

Yuh - me like purdy flowers. :-)

Still not sure how to pronounce CDWinder, though. Should it be like CDFinder (and so "wind" like "winding your watch") or should the "Win" of "Winder" be like "Windows" (and so "wind" like "the snow lets you actually see the wind, dude"). No idea :-) .

Thanks for watching - y'all come back now, ya hear? ;-)

"Texas" Jeff

Well, the XVID still isn't working on my Archos, but then I realized that I have a video conversion program that converts to DIVX. I can report that the file I'm able to watch on the Archos is 29.97 fps, so that's definitely not the issue (though the greater frame rate does make things look smoother).

I was beginning to wonder why you guys were getting a weekend off, and then it dawned on me that this Saturday is CANADA DAY! So, Happy Canada Day to our wonderful neighbors to the north, from a Yank who'll be celebrating the Fourth next Tuesday. :)

Thx for the Canada Day wishes ;)!

Hey Amber + Mike

I LOVE the show. Just a quick feedback I really wish you'd cover more Canadian tech news, I loved the UofT program but like talk about PVR's for Canada, Cell service, etc. Thanks keep up the great work!

We always try to get as much CDN tech news in the show, so if you have news ideas please send them our way:

[email protected]

THX! ;-)

Heya guys. I'm a long-time fan of CommandN. However, I've run into a little problem as of late... WITHDRAWL! For some reason I cannot download any of the shows. I'm a faithfull watcher, so it hasn't been too long... but my "right-click finger" is begining to twitch. Ever since ep 48 was released, I get an axx denied error. See, I download them and watch them "on the go" as I don't have full inet axx at work, and it's good to have something distracting for my breaks at work, and other places. (I call it my "Mac & Cheezy Break" - you can figure out who's who.) Others seem to be getting it downloaded alright, but how? *twitch* *twitch*

One other note, I went to the commandn/bm and it was giving me the main yellow with blue banner dashboard, user/pass creation, and setting permissions section for the site. Path of: /home/command/public_html/bm/ . Isn't it supposed to be commandn and not just command? besides the fact that I don't believe I'm supposed to be seing that....LOL*twitch*lol

Can't wait till I can get my fix...*twitch*



We have been locked out of the Web host that has the archive of the shows and the .torrent files.

Until we get a new host in place we will not be updating our links and will have issues like this.

Hopefully all will be back up soon.


Thanks for your patience everyone!

cool episode

Does the ISP have the initials "VW"? I know another podcaster who recently had to move because "VW" was not responding to "mysterious" problems they were having with their service.

Good luck. I'm having withdrawals without my Monday dose of commandN and Rocketboom. :)

We are still working on the anniversary episode but it should be posted late tonight/early tomorrow.


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