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June 19, 2006


Congratuilations on the 50th episode!!!!!!!! The first thing I do on mondays when I came back home after the work, is to check the new CommandN episode.


Facundo (Argentina)

Wow. Past couple weeks, it was 'special' due to the different format, but this was your 50th episode, and it felt waaaaaaaay too normal. There was a small mention at the top of the show, and a small mention at the end of the show that it was the 50th episode, and I felt you guys would have made it feel special. It's just...the 16th and 25th episodes were great, as you guys tried to make them feel special [celebrating your sweet 16 and 5 of each segment to equal 25]. So I guess I just had my hopes up, but for a regular episode, it was great.

I have to say, I really liked the camera angle during the webPICKS segment, and that you guys should test out some different angles to make it feel different. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the comments.

Although 50 is special we are saving our special stuff for episode 52 - our one-year anniversary!


Jeff - Where did you get your Vader shirt that you had on this episode?

Good episode! Now I can't wait for the 1 year anniversary episode!

CHAD: My friend Tim at Industrial Light & Magic got me one when he was working on Star Wars Episode 3 - it's the Vader ILM crew T-Shirt and I love it :-) .

PS: And, yeah, we'll have something a little more special for our 52nd episode ;-) .


B'gawk! Er, I mean, great show! I think I'll take a pass on MS Vista, but I'll be sure to check out the rest of the links.

Maybe Mike can get on the next celebrity Big Brother?

Mike on Big Brother...hmmm, could be interesting! :)

boo hoo, cannot downoad the #50 videos, will try again lata's


Although I've been a vegetarian for over seven years now, this 50-chicken episode is my achilles heel. Who went dumpster-diving for chicken during the show? Now that's hilarious!

Instead of reading that MS manual save it for the winter to keep your fireplace running. Vista will hit the market when Craigslist offers banner ads and paid classifieds.

I think it's sweet how Jeff supports Hak5 mods (episode 8)

We will wait for the special baby-boomer episode in two weeks.

Buon Compleanno Bambino Michael!

Love the VloggerCon tshirt. Im jealous, I didnt get one while I was there!

Just saw over at Amber's blog that it's Mikes birthday. So although Mike never reads these comments, I will say, 'Happy Birthday Mike'!

Is there a reason why Itunes will not copy commandN to my ipod? I have to convert the video before the ipod will play it.

I actually stole (by mistake) the Vloggercon t-shirt, I think Andrew Baron from Rocketboom got it on tape - doh!!!

Vloggercon - I owe you $10 ;-).

Steve from Nashville,

LOL Thanks Dude. I always read what everyone says i'm just shy about responding :):)

Mike Laz

Amber- Way to go ignoring the idiots who tried to break in on your segment. I know its tough!

Good work yet again

Why wont this play in my IPOD? Does it have something to do with itunes?

Just downloading this episode right now whilst wearing my brand new CommandN t-shirt. Ripped it outta the USPS package which was heavily drenched by the torrential rain this morning. Looking forward to the 52nd episode!

Hey Jeff,

I understand the purpose of the rf-modulator, but I think if might be good to share with viewers how to get a TV compatible signal out of the computer first... Not all Desktop graphics cards, and laptops have an s-video/composite output, and I think letting people know about scan converters that will convert the computers RGB signal to the s-video/composite would be something that many people don't know about... Another thing worth noting would be if people have an old VCR laying around the house, they can use it to convert their s-video/composite signal as well... not only will the VCR convert the signal, but they could also use it to record their video onto VHS... it is an old technology, but there are a lot of people and businesses that if you want to show them a promotional video, or make them a photo slideshow video the only choice they might have could be VHS, thus making this a great choice (on a price note: its possible to buy VCRs for under $40 which is probably only $10 more than the rf-modulator)

Thanks for reading,

(e-mail me if you have any questions)

Thanks Sam - good idea!


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