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June 12, 2006


Did Amber say she went to school with Tom Green? She doesn't look anywhere near old enough!

Nice point!!! Hey, this is not the kind of question that lovely ladies like to answer but... hey Amber, how old are you!?

What a question - manners, manners, these are Canadians you're dealing with.

High school in Ontario runs from Grade 9-13, so he was a few years ahead of me ;)!

Also, I doubt he even remembers who I am...now that he's famous and all that!


Check out the online wikiCalc by the co-inventor of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet ever.

I rode the same bus in high school as Sandra Bullock, but I doubt she remebers me, either.

Woah, the CommandN's are getting crazier by the week. No two hosts were together this week, and it felt really off. I know you guys want to mix it up, but right now it feels like four people's podcasts, stitched into one. I really want it to feel like a CommandN episode again. Of course it wasn't bad, it never is, but with you guys having other things to do than tape an episode, it makes having only four people, a bad thing. But when things can go off as planned, you make a great episode.

No hate, just constructive criticism. :)

Thanks Paul.

It is hard pulling off the show each week with the crazy schedules we all have. I think out of the 49 episodes this has only happened a few times which is a pretty good track record.

Next week will be a regular show again. Mike and Amber in Toronto, Jeff in Halifax and myself behind the camera only :)


This show rocked! Especially having local talent give their web picks. You need to have variety, if not you're just watching tv on your computer.

The show gets weird when Mikey decides he wants to act like a wicked child and this is a 'pg' show.

Amb, safety pins and tape....

I like the variety, keeps it fresh for all of us!

Yeah, and as Brian said, we all have crazy schedules right now and that's really what made this particular episode happen how it did (Amber was in town to start the episode but not to end it, Mike had jury duty and so did his own segment AND Brian had a great timely segment so I sat out of doing a third techTIPS/hotSTUFF segment and just did the outro, etc.). :-) I really like the "crowd" webPICKS, though, and it's neat to push the boundaries on our format in any case.

In any case, all of this (i.e. the past month or so of playing around with the format, pretty much out of necessity) has been very helpful in terms of getting ideas for how to keep the show fresh, so we'll settle down into the usual routine when we can but it's good to know we can change things up when needed ;-) .

Definitely let us know if there are things you particularly like so that we can try them again in the future - always great to have audience feedback!

Thanks for the comments,


your examples for "xp software" works with Vista were all FREEEEEE programs...
tell me how photoshop and dreamweaver works, THAT would be helpful!

"Luke, I am your potatoe!" xD

This episode was certainly different. Still good though. Does anyone have fun recollection of the episode where Mike and Amber bloopers and outtakes were shown. That was fantastic. Maybe for the 51st episode we can get one full of bloopers from the first 50 episodes.
What do you think?

Just ordered myself a commandn T-shirt (hope it fits as Jinx was out of medium, so went for the small). Hope it reaches Australia in one piece, else I'll be posting "...the dingo got my commandn t-shirt"


The blooper episode is episode 8.

We are working on another blooper episode possibly for this summer so stay tuned!

Thanks for supporting us.



I and certainly many others look forward to another bloopers episode.
Any outtakes with yourself or Jeff? hehe

Keep up the fantastic work on the show.


Yes, we MUST have bloopers from Jeff and Brian - this way it won't be all me ;).

Just a thought but any chance for some Commandn specials? Personally I would love a behind the scenes special on how the production is made or some more in-depth stuff on macs or videoproduction. Get Brian to show all his secrets :)

Very interesting idea, ckrantz - we'll definitely be looking into this sort of thing in the near future, but it's great to hear someone actually request it ;-) .

PS: I get to edit my bloopers out of my segments before I send them to Brian :-) .


Look great guys. But my name is spelt wrong on the website. Rannie


I fixed your name!

Thanks again for your webPICK.


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