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February 05, 2006


Good show! About the, "The Cost of A La Carte Television" story, I've been thinking this ever since they started charging $2 for tv shows on iTunes. With the amount of TV I watch, I would be spending at least $2000 USD a year on TV if iTunes offered everything I watch. With my current cable bill, I'm spending under $500 CAD a year on cable service. What I would really love is if they started offering good quality TV on the internet as a subscription service. Even if it was $20/month more than my cable, I would get it for the convenience. That is, assuming they offered all the shows that I watch on TV.

Just a quick note about the audio in this episode.

We had some mic interference during the headLINES segment and the sound is way off. I was able to fix it as best I could but it is still pretty bad.

Looking at new mic's for the show so we won't have this happen again.



Another great episode of CommandN...man I luv Mondays

;-) I'm trying to love Mondays too!

You really should get some better seeders for your torrent-rss. I've been downloading it for 5h now and it's still only 2 seeders. Atleast I'm at 95% now so I'll seed it as much as I can when it's done.

But it there anything wrong with the seeders? They haven't been able to seed even one whole copy for even 5 h, thats a lot of time.

I was grabbing the large non h.264 version (by accident) and there have been no peers let alone seeds for hours.
Now grabbing the h.264 that is currently listing 7 seeds in 8 peers and it's coming down nicely :)

When you try to watch the IT crowd online, it says people outside the UK cannot access it. Which made me sad. That's life though.


Channel4.com just pulled The IT Crowd for people outside of the UK.

If you check digg.com you can find another method of getting the show ;)


The Digg link sucks! The torrents are hosted on a Porn site but I figured what the hell, beggers can't be choosers but then it asks for a user name and password! Who's idea was this segment anyway? They should be fired!

What Digg link are you talking about? Let us know ;).

I am trying to download the Xvid version of ep32 and it is only downloading a 1kb file and it will not play.

Steve C.,

I found episode 1 & 2 of The IT Crowd on torrentspy and they are great high quality vid's (not the WMV files that were online).


Chris C.,

Try downloading the file from our mirror link:


It appears something is wrong with out direct download link.


I see you found the place!

I've only been to Toronto once, and really for just for one day, over 2 years ago. I usually try and go record shopping whenever I visit a new city, so that's how I happened upon 2TheBeat.

The staff were very friendly and I liked the vibe of the place, which is why I suggested it to Amber last week.

Nice job you guys! I like the direction you went with the show, and that was really cool to see. I didn't even have to say anything!

Thanks for taking up my suggestion. :-) I was honestly a bit shocked that you were actually there!

So, kudos Amber, Mike, Brian, and Jeff, keep up the great work!

- Tom (California)

Thank you for the excellent suggestion Tom - 2 the Beat is great, and the staff is a lot of fun ;).


Thanks Amber! :)

You have a beautiful city there, I wish I had a chance to explore it more.

If it's too cold for you there right now, you can always come do a road show in California (again)! I think the temps today were around 90º F. ;)

Now if you could just get Mike to join you this time - that guy could use a little sun.

- Tom

A few comments, so here we go.

1) I didn't think it took a blog that 1.99$ x 24 (a TV season's usually 24 shows) is more expensive thant a boxset, withou the addons and of lesser quality. But still, good to mention it.

2) If you like the "exposé" feature of ie7, try installing the Foxposé extension for Firefox. You'll like it.

3) Speaking of ie7, something more interresting would have been to mention Opera 9 beta 2. On the top of it's cool features: integrated bittorrent client!

Finally, if you ever come shoot in Montreal, I'll open my home to you.

Keep up the good work!

Ooh, Montreal - sounds great!

I choose you over Geek Brief TV.

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