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January 02, 2006


Woo! I love your vids, quite possibly as much as I love pizza.

Hey I was just wondering why there is not an itunes feed for the ipod video format? Just kinda makes since. If there is a reason why there is not one that im not aware I'd like to know. Thanks! By the way great podcast.

Mike, is that a Toblerone in your stocking or are you just happy it's Christmas...or something


We have submitted the feed for the iPod formatted version many times but Apple has not added it yet (we have contacted them many times as well).

You can manually add it in iTunes by going to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and then paste our feed URL (http://feeds.feedburner.com/commandN_iPod_feed).

Hope that helps until we get it listed.


Here is the link to the itunes ipod version:

Love the netcast! I just discovered it....

How may I get pervious episodes into my Ipod Video? I would love to see all the previous episodes


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