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January 30, 2006


Another great show! Amber, I hate pumping gas. I stick my gas cap under the handle to achive the chapstick hack. Works great if your cap is not teathered to the car. :-)

Down in Virginia the gas pumps have little latches that allow you to pump the gas without holding the handle.

Sanko is my favourite store..

Good show! Men's Pocky is good, green tea not so good. Personally, I am partial to Coconut Pocky (heaven).

I just watched the newest episode and I'd like to note that I implemented an application which allows the creation of infinite canvas comics. This is the term Scott McCloud coined for comics which break free from the restrictions of the comic-page. The app is written in Cocoa and uses Flash to display the comic on a webpages. You can find links to sample comics on my website: http://www.infinitecanvas.com/blog/showcase/


It's interesting that up there in Canada your gas pumps won't auto-shut off.

All the gas pumps down here in Colorado do that. You just set it to full throttle, a little latch on the pump locks it open, and then the pump turns itself off when the tank is full.

I wonder if it's a Canada-only safety feature?

According to wikipedia pocky rhymes with hockey. According to other websites it's pronounced "pokey". Now I'm not sure how to pronounce it.
You just had to pronounce it "pokey" didn't you! *.*

Jeff looked like he was very cold.

By the way I love commandN :D

Thx for your comments! Yes, I think Jeff was cold - and the rest of us were hungry (and surrounded by Pocky!).


Another great show! As for the gas pumps here in Orlando, some have the latches and some don't.


Hate to be a downer, but the content this week was lacking. Seemed more like you just slapped somethign together to meet the monday deadline.

We appreciate all feedback. Sometimes we have less content, but we'll always try to bring you the best content out there...so expect the shows to keep getting better ;).


I think this was a great episode and really like Jeff's interview even though I'm not big into comics. You all should definitely do more interviews like it.


The japanese don't have long vowels, so it would rhyme with hockey. But I've always wondered how they say Super Saiyan.

The latches on the pumps are removed as a safety feature to preven customers from leaving the nozzle and getting in and out of the car (creating static electricity) and then causing a fire.

At least that's what the Mythbusters guys say and apparently women cause most pump fires because they tend to get back into their cars more often then men.

The bits in the store were cute.

BTW, it generally rhymes with hockey, but you stress the syllable like in "hotkey". pedantic i know.

The bits in the store were cute.

BTW, it generally rhymes with hockey, but you stress the syllable like in "hotkey". pedantic i know.

Pretz are not just an exported product from japanese, they are japanese. They're the savory flavored biscuit/bread sticks. Pocky are sweets. They're completely different. And it's pronounced 'Pockey' not 'Pokey'

MARKUS: Cool infinite canvas app/site - thanks for pointing it out!

EVERYONE: Yes, I was absolutely freezing my butt off - it was around -20C (-4F) out, with a nice chilling wind. :-)

Those latches are for stoping people from starting fires by static electricity.

check this CBS video out:


I was wondering why the link for the Martin vs. Harper Photo Challenge doesn't work -- it goes to Rick Mercer's Blog instead. I think it's a simple copy and paste problem, but I really want to see the Martin vs. Harper photos. Can this be fixed?

Thanks and keep up the great work!


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