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January 22, 2006


Mikey just picked up some copies (#648) - it does feature commandN, Hak5, and TWiT!!!! SO COOL!!!


Another green web site for Mike !

www.nuvvo.com is an excelleny ajax based Learning Management System and its free.

It is getting very good press coverage.

I am using it to run a first course.

Well worth a review as well as being completely GREEN !

I live and work in the surveillance capital of the world-- London. Walking to the bus stop I appear on a town center CCTV plus a number of store security cams. The bus itself will have CCTV. I'm picked up by a number of cameras at the train station, and a few on the train itself. Arriving in central London camera density increases dramatically as I enter the London Underground. I probably am tracked on at least twenty more cameras that monitor the walkways, ticket gates, escalators, platforms and inside the carriages. Walking from the tube station to work at street level I'll be picked up by a couple traffic cameras, and then finally at work I'll pass by a number of building security cameras. Total probably exceeds fifty.


check that out!

Hey Amber,

Can you recommend a great FREE FTP application for the mac that has more rich features than "transmit" and "fetch" on your next rounds of "web picks of the week"?

Keep up all the good work with your podcast!



Try Cyberduck: http://cyberduck.ch/

It is one of the best FTP programs for the Mac and it is FREE!

Mike recommended it in an early episode of commandN as well.


http://sexxearch.info x

http://sexxearch.info x

Hi, nice very nice page..!

Good luck !

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