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January 16, 2006


Yes! A new episode! My commandN T is on its way!

Love you guys!


Another great episode guys! Can't wait to see what the "new PowerBooks" battery life is going to be like. Oh if only I had the money to get one!! LOL. Can't wait for next weeks show.
C. Flowers

You made me dizzy, tell the camera person to stand still.

Wish I had an airline pukbag.

Lovin the new show - quick note to say that no no no Steve Jobs did NOT invent 'ducking'. It's an old old technical term from radio/film/tv industry. Geek-to-geek; the basic idea is to use a gadget called a compressor that 'turns down' background music when ever you speak into your mic. Handy trick for radio hosts or tv announcers...listen for it during football etc. Hope that helps. Tech007/Ottawa

Well the new episode 29 comes in to Itunes. But when I hook up my Ipod it won't download it saying that it is a format the Ipod can't play.

This is all thru a regular subscription thru Itunes.

Actually it won't play in ITunes as I just went back and checked.



Make sure you get the iPod-friendly feed in iTunes ;)!

Please tell the cameraman to pick a spot and stand still. Thank you.

Thx for all the comments/feedback.

For Ep. 30 we'll be back shooting w/Brian and our team in Toronto (and Jeff in Halifax), but I do want to thank the Pixelcorps guys for helping out while I was in San Fran!


Having problems with Episode 29. I've tried the XviD and iPod versions with both cutting at roughly 8 minutes into the show. The feeds don't seem to be letting me download the entire length of the show. However, previous episodes have worked flawlessly.

I liked the encodeing on this one compared to other episodes where the exposure has been to high. And can someone tell when the macbreak will air?

Keep up the good work.

Tell the camera guy to pick a spot and stay there. Talk about motion sickness. And what is this about another show? WOW, I guess your not busy enough. Do you plan to leave us CommandN fans to do this other show? Do you really need to do another show? It does seem a little redundant. Looking forward to seeing #30 with the old crew back. At least I won't get sick from Brian's camera work.

I'm definitely not leaving commandN! When I was in SF, I helped to host some MacBreak shows...so don't worry, commandN (Jeff, Brian, Mike) is my #1 podcast priority ;).


Love the show and was glad to see you made it to MW, but I did get a bit seasick watching as your (hungover?) camera operator kept swaying back and forth during your commentary.

"Ducking" is a term and a technique that goes back at least to the '70s if not earlier. Audio engineers (geeks) use this term a lot - don't give Jobs credit for that one.

Keep up the great work.

THX! Yes, we've received some great definitions of ducking - and I've tried it out in GarageBand (works like charm).


Wow, H264 is awesome.

Good show. Keep it up.

Great episode as usual. And although the absense of Mikey was greatly felt, it was a nice change of pace with a completely different location and a guest co-host (by the way, Emery did a good job).

What I want to know is, is iLife '06 worth the upgrade money? I've got iLife '05 that came with my Powerbook, but is it worth upgrading to '06? I use iPhoto as my primary photo app on my Mac so I wonder if I'll see an improvement on my G4 (1.67 Ghz, 1Gb) with scrolling the photos (like butter?) and such?

I know it's been demo'd on the new Intel macs but what about on the older G4s?

I wish I could just upgrade one app instead of the whole suite because I don't use much else besides iTunes and iPhoto.


I would have to say it is worth upgrading to iLife '06.

iPhoto is greatly approved (my primary photo app as well) and the new iWeb is quite cool and easy to use (reviewing it today on my site).

Everything runs great on my 12" 1.5Ghz PowerBook w/ 512MB of RAM.

You can also select only iPhoto if you do not want to upgrade the rest (select Custom or Customize before selecting Upgrade when installing).

iWork '06 is a good upgrade as well if you use Keynote - Pages has not changed much though. I get the feeling Apple is going to slow down the development of iWork until the Microsoft Office deal is over in five years (hence Jobs brushing it off in the keynote).


Was Emory wearing eye-shadow? Dude? Tell me it ain't so!

Mikey, you'll never wear eye-shadow, will ya'? My brutha', promise me?

Great job guys. I really like Brian's review. More Brian!

And, Brent, whoa, I'm still dizzy...

"Scrolls Like Butter" t-shirt :-)

No seriously, I don't think we should expect firewire 800 to come back. USB2 has always been faster on the Intel platform and most firewire hard drives also do USB. No firewire on iPod, this is a trend. A friend at the Apple store says that the number one seller for Apple stores for firewire 800 is a converter to firewire 400.

I have to get that tee!

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