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January 08, 2006


Great! I just finished my CommandN marathon and I was going thru withdrawl!!

Keep up the great work everyone!!

Thank you! Next week we'll have another great ep ;) - from Halifax, San Fran, and Toronto!


You guys are gonna be at MacWorld next week right?

If so I can't wait!

Yes, I will be there - and the rest of the team will be doing Mac segs from Halifax and Toronto.


Any word if you'll be on TWIT?

Yes, I will be doing TWiT Tuesday night with Leo and the gang ;).


Another excellent episode!

Can't wait for the next episode from Macworld, should be good-I only wish I was able to go.

I'm downloading the epi now!
...isn't MacBreak coming soon?
Have fun at Macworld!

Amber, any idea if TWiT will be in front of an audience this time?

Great shows, btw. You guys keep up the great work!!


Yes, we'll be doing TWiT in front of a live audience in just a few minutes ;)!


I'm having an awful problem getting the MPEG of Ep28, both in iTunes and even here. Is something wrong?

Yeah, have been trying to download MPEG of #28 for three day now in iTunes. No luck!!

Just a few minutes!?!?!! Oh man =(

Oh well... looking forward to the show. =)



Essefgy and Dave,
I have changed the feeds so they are now pointing to a new server. That should solve most of the problems. Also use the mirror links as it seems to be working fine.

Mike Laz

It still doesn't download in iTunes.

We couldn't download ep 28 through itunes, it took 3-4 days to finially get a connection to download, then once download wouldn't play in QT, just says its in a format that QT doesn't understand!

Email me for screen grab of message

I don't know if you have touched on this before, but can we get a "behind the scenes" look at the audio/video setup you use for recording the show?


I'll take a look into that and see if there is a problem with the file on the server.

Mike Laz

Could you guys put the iPod format video on the torrent feed?

H.264 format refuses to transfer to iPod video.
Message indicates the format is not correct.
Won't do episode 28 or any of the previous episodes. #28 did not have "What not do with your iPod video." Was it ..."Don't try to transfer our Podcasts in H.264 format? :-)

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