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January 30, 2006


Cool. Thats awesome guys.

Hey guys,
Congrats again...wouldn't it be cool if you guys had a little CommandN comic on the go. Mikey's alter-ego could be "Hotstuff" (of course), he would be like "The Human Torch" with superior tech ability!! LOL. What could Amber's alter-ego be? The "webpage defender" maybe? Any suggestions anyone?

Also interesting that you are portrayed as Vandals.

C. Flowers , I think it's meant to be portraying us (the fans of those podcasts) as the vandals not the hosts of those podcasts.

Well I'm off to steal some TVs then. lol :)


I see it as the fans stealing the TVs as well. If you read the issue though - it is the commandN fan that helps Superman (and gets the hand on the shoulder from him) as any good commandN fan would :)


OR...he just ripped off what he thought was a cool tech logo. Guess you guys are so cheery and happy and never considering that one...

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