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November 17, 2005


Well, I really wish my PC could handle hi-def H.264 without stuttering...

The interview SOUNDS great, at least :-)

The Torrent could use a few seeds plz

is there or can someone make a lo def version of this
slow computer here

My iMac (OS X 10.4.3, 800 MHz G4, 768MB RAM, latest QuickTime) can't play this video without lots of stuttering. It is, alas, basically unwatchable. I guess I need to burn the file to a DVD!

The file is very resource hungry and you do need a very high-end machine to run it.

I edited it on a Dual 2GHz PowerMac G5 with 2GB of RAM and it took over five hours to export (1 hour per minute). Plus, rendering the screenshots and keys almost halted the machine each time.

The interview was orignally in episode 21 of commandN if you are looking for a lo-res version to watch.

That kinda bugged me actually. I opened Ipodder and thought "Oh what's this new thing from Command-N and why's it taking so long to download?" Turns out it's a 355MB file of something I've already seen. Looks great, but kinda boring seeing it the second time.

nevermind seen it
thanks for the info

I would have rather seen 480p myself, needless to say I didn't mind seeing Amber in "HD".

Does anyone know if that is an external - wi-fi antenna? Can I get one for my 12" powerbook?


Episode 23 will have more details on Amber's Wi-Fi hack.

Also interested to know why you would have rather seen 480p over 720p.


yup. the 2600+ processor seems no good for the job. oh well-delete.(maybe there should be a warning on the site that you'd be wasting time, hd space and bandwidth if you get it with low system specs..-although it only took me 5 mins or so to get it, im sure not everyone has a MB dl speed.)

Here are the details on the PB hack (12"):



I was able to watch it on a 2 G iMac G5 with no stuttering.

It Looked Great!! Loved the quality!!

Looks great running in 720p! I would like to see a regular episode in this format. Only downside is the size. Keep up the good work!

Thx - I think we'd love to do more in HD!



I think the stuttering problems will be resolved by using MPEG-1 VBR at 720p instead of H.264. I have some posts in my MegaPEG blog about this, and am downloading your .MOV file to do some tests.


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