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November 14, 2005


Hi Amber,

Just a quick note about your new 5G iPod ("Video") I thought I would send. There are a number of programs out there to convert all kinds of video for the iPod (including [i]commercial[/i] DVDs [i]which is illegal[/i]). Knowing a lot of people that use such programs (mainly legally) I can say that Handbrake works well, but the two preferred methods are using a program called [b]iSquint[/b] or a program called [b]Podner[/b]. Both work very well, are nicely GUI'd and have a whole host of features that can be overlooked and set to defaults if you aren't so confident with video conversion.

Also to note is about the Sony rant that Mike had ([i]Mike: I liked it, but as far as Sony are concerned I don't think anyone would mind you letting rip a little more if know what I mean[/i]). I understand you are pushed for time and generally on rocky ground talking (ranting) about companies like Sony publicly, but it's worth mentioning that there is a serious boycott happening at the moment where people refuse to buy Sony products (not just CDs and the like). More usefully there is a great segment on your friend Leos show (TWiT) this week where they go more in depth as well as talking about what else the "software" does or could be used to do. Very interesting and informative segment that I thought your readers/watchers may be able to make use of.

Anyway, thanks for the show, really enjoying it and I can't wait for the next one.

Matt Hoult

I have rendered the Xvid file if anyone wants it visit my BitTorrent Tracker site http://samhnky.homelinux.com:6969
Feel free to email me if you have any questiongs

Thx for your feedback - and the XVID :)!

You did WHAT to your powerbook ?!!

Yeah I want to hear about the hacked PB too.

OK, details to come...re: PB :)!

Amber and Mike,

Great Episode, quick request, can you guys make the iPod format avaliable through iTunes?

Yes, we'll be releasing (Brian is on it!) that format today or tomorrow...takes iTunes a while to catch up, but we're pushing it ;).


For some reason iTunes has not added our iPod feed yet (even though we are the featured Podcast this week). Will be in contact with them later today about this issue.

Episode 22 did appear in the other iTunes feeds for a little while but is now missing again (we have checked our feeds and all is fine on our end so iTunes must be having issues).

Hopefully all will be fixed soon.

Great show, commandN crew! Glad you're enjoying your iPod video on loan from Apple. I bought the black 30gb the day it came out, but now I wish I had bought the 60 gig version!

cool but you seem to have an updating problem onm your feeds? its now the 16th in the UK and it still isn;t in the itunes music store or showd up in juice.. d'you know why ?

Hi, folks 17/11 here in oz still not able to get the itunes h.264 here

Hmm...we'll look into it, but again it all is up-to-date on our end and it seems to be an iTunes issue.
Thx for your patience!

Any ideas for software to convert videos to ipod format using a windows machine? I'm not having any luck finding any. Thanks.

*Nvermind* I found a great free one here http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/

Come on Amber make with the powerbook story !

Next episode!

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