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November 07, 2005


Getting my weekly Commandn fix right now!! =)

Most professional commandN yet! I'd even pay $0.99 on iTunes for this one.

Sorry, but I can't think of any show (professional or otherwise) that is worth two bucks a pop. What do you guys think of the iTunes video pricing scheme?

Keep up the great work!

Just thought of another question:

Does anyone else have the problem of video stuttering in iTunes when you're downloading other podcasts/vidcasts in the background?

Is this just an iTunes on Windows hiccup? Maybe it's just me...

Love the shows you two. Keep up the great work. But I was wondering are you droping the xvid format from the line up? My computer is to slow to play the h.264.(I plan to build a new one in the spring.)


We are planning on dropping the XviD format for the time being. Compared to the other versions it is downloaded the least and is usually a very large file. It just does not make sense for us to support it right now.

Should we wager on how many Egg & Muffin Toasters show up at G4techTV addressed to Amber? Heck, I tried to send one via Amazon, but they wouldn't let me ship it to Canada -- fascists!


aw, no more XviD :( well, I guess MPEG 4 ain't that bad.

ps. btw, the links are mixed.

To elaborate on John's comment, the H.264 and MPEG-4 URLs are flip-flopped.

Bring back the Xvid version.

I hate having to use quicktime to playback the video because, I cant display it in full screen.

Thanks for the fast reply. I totaly uderstand your position. As for Tyler's comment go download Media Player Classic and set it to play all your QuickTime files. Just be sure to leave QT on your system. Here's the link for it.


I don't know if my system can handle anything else though! Ugh. Well, you may have just decided my Christmas present for me.

Great show, but I hope you will consider bringing back the XViD. I watch the show on my set-up DVD player and it supports XViD, but no H264.

Great ep! Audio, video, lighting, prefect. Now when are we going to see Mike's hair?!


Mmm...egg & muffin toasters! :)

Damn without the Xvid I can't get my commandN dvd finished hehehe

Please don't drop xvid... Now I have to convert :( I watch your shows on my Archos AV420, It plays AVI files with the MPEG4 SF format... which xvid, and divx fall into. At least make a torrent of it so that those who do use it can share it.

OK!! I've taken matters into my own hands and I am currently converting the non h.264 into xvid. Looks like it won't be done before I leave for work, so I'll try and post a torrent for it tonight... (anyone who has posted torrents before feel free to e-mail me, this will be my first attempt and I'll be using BitTorrent metafile creator 4.0.1) I'll also might post it on my home server, via http... I guess that depends on how safe I feel about it :) Feel free to e-mail any Qs or Cs

Please let us know the link and we'll include it here - and thx sooo much!

Here is the torrent for my Xvid file of this episode, I'm serving it from my home server, I'm sorry but until there are more seeders I'm afraid your downloads will be slower than usual, I only have a 256kbps upload (roughly 25KBps). PLEASE seed as much as possible over the next day or two I can't do it by myself, nor do I plan to leave it up that long. One last plead is for no one to try to "hack" me PLEASE!!! this is running on my home server which is actualy my project for a college class this year.

I forgot to say that you just click on my name in the Posted by:Sam for the torrent link, its the same link for this post and the previous post.

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