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October 31, 2005


i don't see a torrent link. am i missing something? (guess i'll start the direct download).

BRAVO! The flow was much improved this week (uh's & um's). Great show!

Another awesome show guys. Jeff, the TabX extension was so helpful. Did you guys know who's boat that was or was it just a random boat in a parking lot? haha.

Note to fellow viewers, watch after the credits for a hilarious 1 second clip of Jeff, hahahahah.


iTunes seems to have lost commandN. I can't download it or find it in their catalog. Hopefully this is temporary. I think the video quality of your show is the best they offer. I really look forward to every show.

Thx for the quick feedback. Mikey is launching the torrents tonight, so they'll be up soon enough.

As for the boat, we just jumped in - the entire parking lot was empty (which is very unusual, but made for an interesting night).

As for iTunes, we'll check into it.

As for the blooper, it is pretty sweet (thx to Brian for squeezing it in - definitely classic).

As for less um's and ah's, we're definitely getting better!

Hope you've all had some candy this eve ;-).


Hey Hey

Re: iTunes
Because iTunes times out really quickly it isn't grabbing it from our server which is slammed during the first few hours after a release.
So just try again either later on tonight or early tomorrow.

Mike Laz

hey folks,
is it possible you post an xvid version of episode #6?
that would be great...

Xvid at feedburner is stuck on episode 18... what's going on? This is the 3rd time there has been an issue with the Xvid. If it is your 'red-headed stepchild' format, then I can switch to H.264, just not my preference, and please let us know.

is divx doctor only available for mac ? I thought Mikey said it was available for windows too .

RE: Divx Doctor

Divx Doctor is available for both Mac and PC.

Mike Laz

Where ?
sorry Mikey maybe I am blind.

Sorry Joe. I was mistaken. Divx Doctor is a mac only program. Sorry about that.

Mike Laz

Hey Gang! Yet another great episode! Thanks so much for the link to Moleskineus and for the Firefox extensions.

Something else that FF users will wonder how they lived without is the miniT extension. It allows you to change the order of the tabs by dragging them around. A little arrow pops up to show you were the tab will land. Super cool! :)

Keep up the great work everyone and I really dig the new graphics. So slick!

Wahhh.....VERY minor moan, but I miss the old music!!!


Awesome shows though!

Oh - thx for the miniT FF extension idea ;).

MiniT isn't necessary if you upgrade to 1.5R1 of Firefox, it is built in exactly the same way (with the little arrow).

Can you make a video designed for the PlayStation Portable's screen ratio (16:9). Would be very helpful. Thanks.

I like to see how the show improves with each episode. Every aspect of it has in did. I’m really looking forward to the next one. Keep it up!

Thx - we're always trying to improve!

As for file formats, we're committed to providing three different formats of the show, as well as torrents. It's a lot of work to render the files each week with our busy schedules, so it looks as though the H.264 and MPEG-4 will be our main formats, and we're trying to get out an iPod-compatible format each week.

As for other formats, if there is anyone out there who wants to take this on/render these files to suit other needs that would be great/encouraged.

Thx again for all your support!

Hello -- wow, what a groovy show! I have just discovered Command-N (I see that i am very late to this party) and love it. You guys are at the front edge of figuring out how to provide cool video content on the Net. The personalities of the presenters combined with decent production without being over-produced combined with interesting content combined with multiple on-demand format choices -- this all makes for a great show. Hope you continue to get even better at this and I will definitely be watching. Thanks for the huge effort it must take to put this out!

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