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October 24, 2005


Thx for the lighting tip Darren - can't wait to meet the Hak.5 team at the December meet-up!


Great show as usual Amber & Crew! I love the new graphics, music, and just overall feel.

I like it better when it is inside as you can hear so much better. You should just keep doing it in the control room, keep the screens with different colored logos (and maybe do like a red/green theme for Christmas or just fun stuff), and stand where Mikey did in the Hot Stuff segment (behind the control panel). It'd give it a good professional feel.

Enjoying the show keep it up!


I respectfully disagree with Paul, I think it's great that you guys keep changing the location of each episode and hopefully that won't change.

I'm not exactly a sound expert, but the quality has been pretty decent considering and I much rather take a bit poorer quality sound than the same ol control rool setting. It actually brings a nice contrast to the whole tech aspect of the show... especially if the episodes are shot outside.

That being said, I have noticed a distracting echo especially in the segments Jeff does, I'm not sure if it's because they're shot in a particularly echo-y room or what, but other than that, I'm more than happy with the way the show's produced.

I won't say no to better lighting or anything but I also have no need to see every pore on everyone's face so :P

And Jeff, was definitely looking buff in this episode, I don't know if it was the T-shirt or what ;)

Great show! Keeps getting better and better!

Great show! Keeps getting better and better! Cant wait for the next one.

Sry about that Darren. Didn't clue in to that fact. Also apologize for the 3 posts. Typepad was giving me an error when trying to post comments.

Cheers all. Keep up the good work and keep the content flowing.


i wrote my first comment in haste and forgot to mention that you guys are doing a great job. definitely one of the best vids to download (along with hak.5), plus, you have a release schedule! i'll buy a shirt when i find a job.

Wonderful show guys, awesome new graphics too. I'm also a huge fan of Version Tracker, I've been using for probably about 2 years now and I'm glad you mentioned it.
I'm still waiting on that Seagull3 Reg. code, no rush haha, I'm just really really anxious to use the full version. Let me know how that's going, Thanks


Oh yeah and killer haircut mikey, looks very nice : )

Elliot - I've requested an additional reg code for you (I sent an email to five winners after the contest, but two of them chose the same app - and so you are really our sixth winner...if that makes sense!).

Anyhow, expect your code before Monday. Thx!


Loved the show! I loved the new graphics.

I think vidcast will become more popular now that the new video ipod has come out. Your show's length is perfect for a short commute. Do you have anyplans of making it longer???

when is the divx version coming out.

To everyone who commented about the dark lighting, I apologise. I was shooting the show on a Sony TRV-39 which is not exactly the greatest camera. Just to clear things up, I used a Chimera Softbox and a Strand 250w Fresnel... that should have been sufficient, but without manual (read: accurate) exposure control it's tough to get things looking right. Will try harder next time.

Dave, the TRV-39 looks like an older sibling to the DCR HC-85 we use and I'll agree low light performance isn't exactly the greatest. I'm not sure if the TRV-39 suffers from this but many mid-range Sony's I've tested seem to display the shot brighter and more narrow on LCD than what is actually recorded. We’ve learned to deal with the quirks through lots of trial and error. I could have sworn you guys used a GL2. Ok, I'll stop geeking out now.

--Darren, Hak.5

I'll let you know more about the XVID format (Ep. 19) after we get this week's episode (Ep. 20) edited. We had a lot of changes last week (new graphics) and Brian just returned from his wedding trip, so in a week we should be all caught up ;).

Thx for your patience!

No worries, Amber I'm in no rush. Great show btw really enjoy watching it here in England.

I was wondering if you guys have heard anything about being able to charge for your content via itunes? I know that Leo mentioned it in one of his podcasts. I for one fully support the idea and would be willing to shell out my money to see good shows like CommandN and MacBreak (when it comes out). There is some stuff that I will just not pay for ... Anyway. When you start charging make sure that we can continue to get it in the UK.

Post #40 ;-).

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