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October 17, 2005


You all seemed a little jittery or rushed (cold perhaps?). Anyway, it was good to hear at least one criticism of the new products (the iMac iSight tilt thing), albeit minor, rather than just dishing out the info and standard praise.

I think Amber was channelling Kristen Bell/Veronica Mars in this episode. And I kept fearing Mike was gonna drop his iBook (gasp).

I don't know what I'm looking forward to more--the announcement on Oct. 19th or Mikey's dreads.

When I try to download the h.264 version, I get a file that is 20 megs large, and that ends after two minutes.

Amen to the iPod firmware update.

Still, the clickthrough link for the feed takes me to the video. I'd like to come to the post. It'd also save you bandwith.

Are you guys going to release this video in an ipod video compatible version?

Just put commandN on my video iPod and it looks great! :)

The 480x360 version works fine, but I guess it might be nice to have a 320x240 version too... Aren't we selfish??

Nice job Amber & Mikey, nice to have you back after a well deserved week off! (What's up with the hats though? I know it's gettin cold but we can't see your faces na-more!)

great episode guys. i just found your podcast and i will be watching weekly along with systm, twit and diggnation. thanks for the news on the ipod video version.

So glad you like the show! Jeff is flying to Toronto this weekend and Brian is back from California, so expect good things from the next ep (live Monday!).


Great sjow once again! i really enjoy the insightful comments such as the aiming problem with the built-in iSight on the new iMacs.

Can't wait for the live show on TechPhile. =)

Chad, were you able to sync with the iPod directly, or did you have to convert?

Fantastic show guys. Thanks so much for picking me for the Sweet Sixteen contest! I'm so excited to use Seagull3. Please e-mail me the Reg. Code when you get a chance.
I really liked Jeff's segment, I've been looking for a good way to get my guitar into GarageBand with less hasstle and the iMic looks awesome for this.
Keep up the good work guys!

Leo, I think you were referring to my post about commandN on my video iPod. Yes, i just sync'ed the mpeg4 version (480x360)of the video, no converting needed.

I just have to say that I love your show!I watch your show from my Palm using a freeware called TCPMP. It distracts me long enough not to want the video ipod. As I can continue to update my palm weekly with your vidcast and the rest of the revision 3 lineup.

I am from the far far away land of the Philippines and it feels really great that through this media you can keep geeks from far away lands updated and well infromed with current tech related events.

More power to you mike and amber!!!

Yes, it's good to know the MPEG-4 will work just fine on the new iPod (video). Thx to Kenn and Brian for sorting this out!

As for the other comments, we appreciate hearing from everyone - makes the show all worthwhile ;-).

This weekend in Toronto was the first time the entire team got together (Jeff is here from Halifax). Needless to say, we have even more ideas for the future of commandN on the go!


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