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September 11, 2005


Has the seed for the h.264 torrent died? I got almost 50 Meg of the file and then it just stopped. Currently my client is feeding it out to some peers but I'm not getting any more data from the "primary" seed (whatever the term for that is).

The "primary" seed is back in the saddle again. Slow, but at least it's in the saddle.

What kind of camera do you guys use?

We use a Sony PD-150 DVCAM.

More details on the equipment we use can be found at: http://bamcat.blogspot.com/2005/06/commandn-production-equipment-details.html

Hope this helps.


Fantastic show as usual. I really enjoyed the interview with Rukavina (quality issues aside, the content was really interesting and well done) and hopefully you guys will do similar interview in the future.

Your segment on Firefly mobile was really interesting. I do think kids and their mobile usage should be monitored closely, but like you guys mentioned, they do sometimes come in handy.

I remember reading a few years back in a Finnish newspaper how a 10 year old girl got kidnapped and she managed to call her dad for help on her mobile. He then called the police and luckily she was found unharmed. In extreme cases like this, a kid with a mobile is a good thing and yet kids need restrictions so something like the Firefly seems like the perfect product for younger kids.

With the interview of the guy (I dont know his name, I'm not at a computer I can watch the show again) you guys talked about some kind of places thing where you could link up with people in some kind of network setup and tell how far away they are? I dont see a link for anything like that... does anyone know what they were talking about?


That would be www.plazes.com - and thanks for pointing out we do not have a link to it.

I meant JOSH not JOHN.

Sorry about that :)

Thanks a bunch. Keep up the good work.

Cool episode.
I was walking through town after school today and I swear I saw Amber walking around. Doubt it was her though.

Great show again! I hope you're getting lots of email. I don't see many comments here which is strange, as when I bt the show there are many who are seeding & that I seed to so there seems to be a lot of viewers of commandN :-?

great show ! I'm quite a noob but it's nice to see some quality links and hear some comments about it on the show . keep up the good work !!

I'll post the Plazes link (www.plazes.com). We have another great episode coming up next week, so stay tuned (includes an interview with one of the leads of the Halifax band Universal Soul - www.usoul.com).

Enjoy ;-).

P.S. Probably was me walking around Toronto!

It wasn't Toronto that I thought that I saw you in, it would have made sense if it was. It was in Stratford-upon-Avon, in England.

Wow! Lots of usseful information! Thanks so much gang! Keep up the great work.

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