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August 28, 2005


Great show as always!

Wanting to check out MPlayer but the site has been down all day. Any idea where one can find a mirror?

MPlayer mirror site can be found at http://www4.mplayerhq.hu/

you should also check VLC player. Has its own codec packs supports all video files and plays file that are in use like if you downloading torrent, limewire and cannot access file.

Its a bummer that the XviD release comes out a day later....have you ever thought of waiting to release all of them until they are all ready?

Great show guys!

One thing I'd like to mention about Google Talk ... while I'm happy that Google chose an open standard like Jabber for their IM system, I'm not happy with the way it was implemented.

The *nice* thing about Google Talk is that you can use any Jabber client with it. So iChat works, as does a number of other IM clients.

The *not-so-nice* thing about Google Talk is that Google crippled their Jabber server. Jabber is designed to be decentralized, much like email. Anybody can run a Jabber server, and send an instant message to anybody *else* on any other Jabber server.

Jabber, properly implemented, means an end to having 32 different IM accounts. Instead, you create one account, ie: [email protected], and anyone can communicate with you.

Google has disabled the inter-server communications capabilities of their Jabber server. In order to send somebody on GoogleTalk a message, you've got to have a GoogleTalk account.

They completely missed the point of what makes Jabber ... well, Jabber.

Here's a good write-up on the problem.

Whoops. Here's the aforementioned good write-up:


It is great that you did a themed episode on video. You need to do that more often, themed episodes that is.

I need help! When trying to view the show through Quicktime it says that it needs a plugin that cannot be found. Please email me to let me know how I can get this to work.


If you are trying to view the h.264 on Windows you should upgrade to the most recent Quicktime 7 Beta.

In order to play the XviD you will need the DivX codec from www.divx.com (this goes for both Windows and OSX). You may also want to try using Windows Media Player for the XviD version if you are using Windows.

If you are still having problems please email me at [email protected]

Thx for all your feedback! Jeff and I are on PEI today (about to shoot another ep, should be good fun ;).


Which iTunes subscription version is most compatible with the new fifth generation video IPods? I currently subscribe to the h264 version but iTunes 6 give me an error that the video podcasts I have are not compatible with my Ipod.

is this torrent/swarm of the xVid version dead? Im stuck at 47.3% :< cant wait to watch it though.

Finally catching up haha


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