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August 21, 2005


Anybody else having troubles with the h.264 encoded file? About 8:13 (right as Amber is talking about the cafe press t-shirts) into the video quicktime crashes! I'm using the latest Quicktime 7 for Windows.

You probably already know this but just in case you don't: the torrent links aren't working yet (as of 9:10 p.m. EDT on 8/21). Looking forward to the show. I'm going to resist the temptation to use the "direct download" link. :)

Nicholas: I'm using the same software combination and to be working totally fine here. Maybe you got a bad download?

CommandN crew: There are a number of good alternatives to CafePress such as Zazzle.com and CustomInk.com. Worth checking out.

Another great episode. Keep up the great work!

If you like DTV there's an interview with it's founder Holmes Wilson over @ 'The Mac User Show' in Australia... http://macuser.thepodcastnetwork.com

Why does each episode only play for about 4 minutes then end in the middle of a sentence? Shouldn't they be longer than that?

Hey Andrew
The torrent feeds are now updated. Thanks for the headsup.

Steve, That's weird. Which file are you downloading??

Mike Laz

I downloaded all the XVID episodes 1-10 (#6 is missing) from the feedburner site but they start out at 11 minutes for the first 2, 8 min for the 3rd one, 6 min for #4 and others are just 4 minutes each.

Hey guys:

I love the show. Great to see good tech content from Canadians. Is there a place in Canada to get the t-shirts? I don't want to pay duty on them.

Idea for the next meet-up. A Maritime Meet-up (Halifax seems the logical place with Jeff being here). Bring leo and Kevin to Halifax.

Might just be me but i dont think the torrent feed is working.
I would rather subscribe to this as it will save you guys bandwidth

Like i am getting is

Gives an error in the XSD

The torrents seem to be working fine on my end.

Try going directly to www.commandn.tv/bt

The XviD for Episode 11 is up now as well on the torrent page.

Its not the .torrent file (which is fine) its the .torrent feed on the right had side in the feed section that doesnt seem to be working.

I take it back the torrent feed is working now,
Honest guv'ner it wasnt before :0)

Hey All-

Love the show. Can't wait for CFH to hit the US airwaves. This is probably a question/comment for Brian.

Did you guys notice how loud the traffic was when you were shooting? Brian, I'm assuming you have headphones on while you are behind the camera. I know that this is suppose to be a little "down and dirty", but come on guys, next time move your setup to a quieter location.

I know the traffic is loud at the beginning (we did eventually move) and it will never happen again.

A few factors played with our sound issue this week:

1. New wireless mic's that had not been tested
2. Headphones I normally use died and I was using my iPod buds
3. We were strapped for time and picked a bad location

All of these issues will be sorted out for the upcoming episodes.

Hey commandN! I love your show. As an elementary school teacher, I keep up on technology and this is a great way to do it... Its too bad you don't do a "Cable in the Classroom" episode every once in a while. CFH 1.0 used to do that. I know that you aren't cable, but it is great to talk to kids about technology. It's a great medium!

Anyway... Does anyone have any ideas about something like DTV but for the PC side? My school and I are complete PC users.

Jamie in CT, USA

Jamie: I haven't used DTV at all, but I know that iTunes does a really good job of handling video podcasts. It's not perfect and they don't have torrent feed support, but I've been using it for a little while now and haven't had any problems.

Having the preview version of QuickTime 7 also lets you play the h.264 encoded files often used in the iTunes Music Store from right inside iTunes, which is a bonus.

Thx to everyone for your feedback! Also wanted to let you know that our friends at PSPDrive - http://www.pspdrive.com/v1.0 - are now offering all episodes of commandN.


It's really great to see how much support you guys are getting.

Both videocasting and podcasting are picking up so much momentum now--I can hardly wait to see where it goes.

Darryl: I have been using iTunes, but I hate to because of the whole torrent issue. It makes the host of the show pay for the bandwidth. I was hoping to find something that is as easy as iTunes to manage, but use the torrent feeds... Amber & Lazzaz: any ideas? Jamie

Jamie - iPodderX (ipodderx.com) is just as easy if not easier then iTunes and allows you to use .torrent files.

I have not tried the Windows version yet but the Mac version is amazing.

There is a small fee for the software but you can try it for 30 days free.

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