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August 15, 2005


Love the show gang! I have noticed one small problem however. Obviously this is episode 10, yet the torrent is for episode 9. Figured you shoud know.

Keep up the fantastic work.

Thanks for the heads up. The torrent links have been changed.

Mike Laz

I could be misinterpreting my stats but it looks like a lot of the torrent downloaders don't have their routers set up to accept and forward incoming connections so they aren't sharing the file. If this is true, maybe Jeff might consider doing a segment on how to configure routers to support torrents properly.

So far my client has downloaded 45.7 MB and uploaded about 250 MB.

Or maybe teach people how to use google? I certainly wouldn't want to download a 100mb+ video at the speeds you are talking about just to watch someone type: admin admin -- port forwarding -- 6890-6899 -- save.

But I guess since this show is geared more at the people that don't know how to use a computer, that it might be a good idea.

Regarding my earlier comment about torrent downloading, I should have mentioned that I was downloading the MPEG-4 file. After that finally finished, I tried the H.264 torrent and that torrent is doing MUCH better than the MPEG-4 torrent. So I guess all the savvy people are downloading the H.264 file. :-)

Great show again! I have ditched Download.com for all its crappyness and I now goto http://www.filehippo.com for my downloads :D You'll should check it out.

Episode 10 in iTunes does not download properly.

The link for the file ""
seems to be down.

Love the videos keep them comming.

One thing Jeff mention about a forward delete that is only in mac. If you hit + del in Word that will delete the word to the right.

Great show, like always!

Looking at the Jeff's Notes on Navigating The Keyboard. "Scroll to bottom/top" (no insertion point cursor) you can press End/Home, using windows. Also, using word with windows you can press control + delete to "delete next word"

Great show, as usual.

You mentioned in the download.com review that you could no longer sort by freeware or shareware. This is not true. You can still select the license type at the bottom of the search results using the select box with "All Licenses, Free, Free to Try" in it, under the "Filter your results header"

I do agree that the new design is too cluttered with ads and useless content. CNet likes to try to integrate their networks sites a bit too much in my opinion. I do really like the new color scheme for the site. It's executed much better than the main Cnet.com site.

I am very pleased that download.com now uses a CSS-based layout. It is a good trend to follow.

I'd personally give the site a slight thumbs up. I like the typography, color schemes, and the results browser. I don't like the home page bloat and the emphasis on shareware/adware over freeware.

Hey great episode guys. Love the show and can't wait for the next one.

in regards to the use of bittorrent to distribute the show, haveing the site get slammed coz of direct downloads is crazy, why soesnt everyone use bittorrent? it is by far the best way to get the show. I seriously doubt every direct download is as a result of not having access to the port (eg school/universtiy/work etc), next show you show tell all to use the bittorrent protocol, it is faster too, and if everyone was using it, and seeding after completion (as you all should) it would be miles better.


you should always start with a close-up of amber's chest like last episode. ;_;

Jeff's Notes

to show underline command letters in windows is ALT but not shift key!!!

I got Episode 10 twice in iTunes, that could be part of it. That is, if this happened with a lot of people, not just me.

Thanks for your patience each week as we try to manage increasing bandwidth issues. We're getting even more support (along with Vizaweb) this week from a company called SMUnique/Pro Gamer Hosting so we can keep up with demand.


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