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May 17, 2008


Wonderful lighting in this episode. When are you guys going to go HD? Thanks.

Hey guys great show as always.

Wanted to let you know i have been beta testing a new service called shoutoo.com they launch to the public on Monday 19 May 08 (This Monday)

Hope you can review it.

The sound was amazing considering you filmed this standing out IN traffic. Good mike placement and recording.

What was that world map in front of which Jeff was standing?

Is the item around Will’s left wrist significant? Colbert Wrist Band, perhaps.

Is your hair lighter or is it just the sun?

This site has been around long enough to develop a mythology. Can anyone contribute to that?

I kid you not... as I watched this I was eating a choc chip cookie :D

The obvious thing first - great location! Away from the stairwells and alleyways (which are fine but they get a bit repetitive). Audio levels even and really nice shot composition too. Also like that you didn't edit out those traffic interruptions etc, it keeps it fun and natural.

So cheers for Jeff for switching to 16.9 - now the graphics just need to change and you can give us the show in native widescreen!

Siestas FTW :p

Another great episode, good job guys!

I too found twitter to be very useful for information (besides stalking your friends), but I just wish they were more reliable, it's so frustrating to see the dead twitter bird all the time!

Sgtret, it's a Chinese good luck band made for me by a friend. I'm not superstitious, but when I'm on the road or head down in work it reminds me of people that are cheering me on from afar. :)

We hope to go to HD this summer, as long as there is a demand for it? I think yes?

I really liked this ep as well, and hope we have more time to keep making the show great on all fronts!


Just a quick note - the URL in the video for My Little Underground (the Command posters) is wrong. It should be www.mylittleunderground.NET, not .COM.

Hey Amber and Will!

First, let me abuse the forum and say that Leo should shut up about the stupid twitter contest.

That said, you guys did just fine with the Friend Connect description. Do NOT waste your time trying to unpack the whole Gilmore Gang argument with Scoble and others, they can't agree on the proper use of a business card or email address :-)

Thanks for the tip on the Coelho dude. (I said dude. That's a rarity)

Love the show, glad it's warmed up. Did you ban beta?


Regarding group albums for photobucket, Will mentioned you don't have it in flickr... I thought you could create a group on a whim and just join? I suppose it's not that convenient, but it controls what imagines you want in the pool first.

I'm not sure what photobucket does though, so I can't really give a comparison.

Alternatively, everyone just use an RSS reader and subscribe to your friends favorite photo sharing service :)

This location looks amazing, great lighting!

I'd definately like to see CommandN in Widescreen (HD would be great but it's not like I need it... but... I'd watch it!)

Great episode! Keep it up!

BTW: FTP server is much better than yousendit.com and it's free! =]

Hey all! THX for the excellent comments. We are all proud of this show, lookin' good just in time for summer ;).

Heh, the video before you click it looks like Amber is trying to convince me of something and I'm having none of it ;)

Awesome episode.
Wanted to check out the graphic artist but am getting a strange page that does not match your screen cap at http://mylittleunderground.com/.
Is my URL incorrect?

Huh, what?
Oh, sorry, was just taking a wee siesta there for a sec. :-)

Back to the party - great episode guys!

@Edward - this is the correct address, fixed above but not in show...


Yo, looks like everyone has already said it.. but awesome looking shots.
Very cinematic episode !;)

Oh, and I would totally download HD - would it be under 200 megs?

Repeating others praise for 16:9 and hope for HD.

We watch via AppleTV on a 1080p LCD HDTV. There really is some programming downloadable from the Web - but, even 720p/1080i content looks terrific.

And since the show has wonderful thought and content and spirit, why not move the technology up to match?

Dear Amber, Will and Jeff. I'm a fan of your work, since Mike still was in the program... I'm a fan of Interntet and the impact in the society. Also I paint since 1991 (already more than 17 years..) with recicled oil-petrol from spill oils disasters, my goal y to convince people to use petrol in ecological way. Also I paint with the influence of networking, web 2.0, well if you want check this videos 1 how to recicled petrol for art and how to paint with recycled petrol.


Thanks and keep this great job you are doing. I also try with podcast, videoblog, etc... http://jimmypons.com

Many regards from spain

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