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July 19, 2007


Thanks for talking about getleaflets! You guys are the best...

That is one hot t-shirt Will is wearing. (Ah, and Amber, I think you're hilarious, no worries.)

Giant thank you to Brian who edited this ep after getting his wisdom teeth out! Also, Jeff, love the seg!!!


Well on a miserably cold and wet winter's Friday, this was a great pick-me-up...another great episode guys...and one of my links to Amber got mentioned!

Great show, as always!

Hmmm, is Bell creating an army of cyborg rats to take out their competitors and detractors?!

Good episode, but I was a bit disappointed that the mp3 sunglasses you reviewed were basically Oakley rip offs. Oakley made the first mp3 sunglasses and have the best optics on the market. If a tech podcast is going to review such a unique product, they might as well review the best. Check out http://oakley.com/products/771 I hope this doesn't come off sounding like spam. I'm a long time cmd-n viewer who prefers wearing sunglasses with the best designs, quality, and optics on the market today.

Hey guys, another great show as always. So Nerds on Site is the new sponsor huh? I was thinking of becoming an Entreprenerd, but I was just wondering - does Nerds on Site still charge it's Nerds $2500 CAN to enlist? Anyone know how much of a cut of your profits they take? Last time I checked it was 66% which seemed a bit high.

Xvid version says file not found? I'll try another one if it's not up in awhile.

I was able to get the XviD version on the RSS feed on Thunderbird, so I'm all set!

Thanks for the tip, Mark! I like the voice recording feature too, though.


Hey commandN,
I've got a link for you that is all about translating text to LOL so you can make your own LOLcat captions with ease. Love the show and just thought I would make you aware of my latest side project http://www.txt2lol.com


Jeff, don't wear the pink shirt again dude. I makes you look like you have man boobs.

Everyone, nice show.


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