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July 11, 2007


Hey Amber and Will. You should mention iPSP, an iPhone themed portal for the Sony PSP's web browser. To quote the site "Get the iPhone experience without the sticker shock" it's at ctcoding.recoding.net/ipsp

Sorry for leaving you on your own this week Amber. If it's any consolation, I got a nasty cold. Karma!

Hey Amber I love YouTube Doubler too! The best pair I have found is, the Dove evolution video and slob evolution. You have to try them together!

hey amber, i been long time, command n viewer, i was wondering if you had any tips on improving my site, mostly design, to be honest, i am new at this please help if you can!

keep up the greeat podcast!!!


Is the iPod feed pointing to the wrong file types? Neither last week's nor this week's show plays on my iPhone when I download through the feed, but a direct download does.

Love the show!

Tim - interesting.

It plays fine on my video iPod (from the feed). Anyone else with an iPhone able to test this?


Hey guys,

I'm sure you get asked a lot, but do you show somewhere what music you play at the end of the episode? Can't seem to find it on the site, thanks!

The music under the credits is from Brad of BradSucks.net - visit him online and buy his tunes, he rocks!

Jeff - great seg, love that program ;).


Adam - the music is usually a track that Jeff put together.

This week though it was the song "Making Me Nervous" by Brad Sucks.


Hmmm... must have been an iTunes thing. I resubscribed a (third) time and all seems right since I now see Amber rockin' the iPhone and not one of the bumper graphics. I like fixing things, but sometimes I like to know why said fixes suddenly, um... y'know... work.

Loved the Hasslehoff vs. Tickle Me Elmo webPICK.

I'm still laughing!

- Christoph

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