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April 16, 2007


great show guys! i definitely agree about facebook's updates... let's hope they can rebound from these shortcomings? it's just such a great tool!

i noticed that jeff's segment this time around seemed a lot more appletv-worthy (and by that i mean HD and crystal clear) i'm in canada and am waiting for the itunesstore to release TV content before i get an appleTV... but i digress... what i meant to get at was to ask if jeff has a new camera? if so what're you using? if not, it's likely just my poor eyesight.

keep up the good work! it's funny, but will's only been in a few episodes, and he's already missed! have a safe trip back will.


No new camera. We both use the Sony PD-170 DVCAM.


Could you possibly have a sweeter smile Amber, amazing. Great show, I filled out the survey btw, good luck with that. :-)

pardon my lack of leet-ness brian ;)

Glad you liked the show - and thx for feeling out the survey! If you haven't, please give it a whirl ;).


It was a little short this time :( Webnation taking up more of your time guys? Or was it just because Will wasn't around? Still always love the show! Hope your not wearing yourself to thin these days Amber. Best wishes...looking forward to next show.

The iPod version doesn't play on the PSP like it usually does.

It always goes a lot quicker when I'm flying solo ;)! When Will gets back, we'll be back to a normal length.


Hey Jeff,

Thanks for opening my eyes to FanEdits.

I wasn't aware that there was such an organized Movie Modding community.

Thanks for the great podcast about fanedits and fanedit.org
I love it how you presented it. We had our share of bad criticism, but you really took your time to understand why we do what we do and who for. Keep it up. :)

Glad you guys liked the Fan Edits segment!

I, too, think this stuff is very interesting and, frankly, there are a lot of movies that are simply better with some additional cuts, etc.

BOON: Are you involved with FanEdit.org? I'd love to chat with you some time if so - drop me an email.

Thanks for watching!


Hey everyone!

We're shooting this week's ep tonight. Will just got back from Africa and I was hosting a gig at FITC last night.

THX for your patience ;).

Hey everyone, looks like we'll be releasing on Monday. Between Will's delayed arrival back from Africa and the fact that Brian then has to edit and encode everything, it would just be too crowded to try to get everything up today and then something else (out of schedule) next week.

Thanks for your understanding!


I posted a message here the other night but it vanished....but the site went down for a moment also...so I don’t think it was intentionally deleted.

Just wanted to say I hope Will had a great time. Africa is great (Arusha looks like it has changed since I was there) but malaria’s not. If the pills you had are the ones you need to keep taking upon return....keep taking them!!

Symptom’s to look for Will? George Bush can help....

Hey thanks Phil, I had an amazing trip. Don't worry, I took my malaria pills and should be fine :)

jeff, you were asking me to send you an email, if I was involved with fanedit.org (I am the webmaster).
Unfortunately I cannot find your email addy anywhere here... so here is mine: boon23 at faneditforum dot com. Let's chat. :)

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