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March 18, 2007


Well, another episode where you completely ignore everything that I sent to you. I AM DONE WITH THIS VIDEO PODCAST. You don't even reply to my emails.

Hey Jim, please don't take it personally. We each get hundreds of emails a day, including suggestions for show content. Amber and I both spend pretty much our entire Sundays just trying to catch up on the backlog of emails we get through the week.

There are sometimes people we don't get time to get back to, but it's not because we don't love ya :)


If you are going to stop watching because we don't use enough of your ideas I think it's time you start your own Podcast.

I would also like to add that we have used many of your ideas in the past and that it's nothing personal.


My second nomination for a CommandN classic quote...."Mr SickBoy, what's your web pick?"

Great episode. Hope you're better soon Jeff. Brian, I'm stating to think you're photo-phobic?!

was that micky?

feels like it's kinda short, but great episode as always.

Nice show, good job!
Just check the link to Kayak, it takes me to the osnews website.

I was skipping over my fav tech blogs last night during the show and bumped into the new http://twittermap.com/twittervision (for when you REALLY REALLY have nothing to do) and the number of 'Twits' Twittering from all around Canada & the USA that they were watching commandN was phenomenal! Just thought you would like to know!

Thx for all the comments! Jim - why don't you post your links here so that you can share them with everyone? That would be great!!!


Fun show guys, hope you feel better Jeff. I feel great, heard you Amber on talkshoe last night and now here on CommandN, plus earlier today I watched City News, yes I feel very good. Very good. XD

HA, great show, It was interesting to watch it here after seeing the actual taping last week.

Lemme say Brian is a genius!

Hey everyone,

I'm feeling much better now but I have to admit that I spent every off-camera second of that shoot laying down in great discomfort. When we went to drove home, Amber got one block and then I hurled. Fun. Anyway, glad I held it together long enough to get the show done! :-)


No Comment on Mikey:)

As usual the guy cracks me up.
Great show all of you involved.
Long time lurker...
As always the best 11:44 out of my day

You guys really have to stop showing me things that make FaceBook better. Seriously. Stop. My poor life.

And yeah, I definately say "Xboxes".

@Jim. My son, this crew is professionally overstretched between their regular careers,family and other ventures, and yet they make time to put a FABULOUS vidcast together (that I've gratefully watched for almost two years now), which is CN. We're all adults, even the young-ones. No need to threat. Post your links here...

@ Jeff, I'm praying for a full recovery. I have never seen you look so brightly ill.

'I saw Mikey! I saw Mikey! La la la la la la weeeeeeeee!' Amb, is that why you had the Moleskine? come tweet.

Twitters.com are tweeters, not twitters per the honorable head Twit himself......Mr. Leo Laporte.


I wouldn't be suprised if there already was someone called Wickie. It's a first name that has been around for some time. "Wickie de Viking" was one of my favorite tv-shows here in Holland when I was a toddler. I even had a Wickie the Viking plastic-helmet that I kept wearing untill my head really grew to big and it hurt too much. To spare you the potential timesink of a wikipedia visit ;): it's a German-Japanese animation about a little viking-boy called Wickie.

You can find it in the english wikipedia under Vicky_the_Viking.

Hey great show guys, having the whole crew in one place was cool! Even the Laz lurking around, wow!

@jeff -> hope ur feeling better and it wasn't too explosive

I felt better until I just watched myself on this episode. I make myself want to throw up, the way I look :-) .

Thanks for watching,


Hey Amber,

I have to say its great your on ctv more now. Made me switch from global :P

Wow - great news Andrew!!! :)

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