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March 11, 2007


Oh Amber. The Episode is 11 minutes long and have to read text messages on air?

I love the show and have seen everyone you guys have done as well as net@nite (formerly Inside The Net)and all of Ambers segments on call for help, so this is coming from a loyal viewer when I say this. If Will doesn't quit sticking his tongue out at the end of every episode like some 5 yr. old kid, you guys will lose some viewers. My friends and I all watch the show on my HTPC and we all think it's plain immature and stupid. I'd bet a lot of viewers are ticked off by this stupidity, so grow up Will or Amber and the rest of the team are going to start losing viewers.

Easy music genius - Will's just having fun, so while we appreciate your comment, a simple "Love the show ... but maybe Will should not stick his tongue out at the end of the show b/c it kind of comes off as a little immature" would be fine. Your point is taken, though.

Thanks for your post,


Hey Basti!

I had notes on my BB :)! I'm not that addicted to my texting - LOL!


I was wondering about that too :-) .


Hehe, my first hata!

Mr Genius, I'll make a somber face at the end of the next episode, because the internet is serious business. But I expect you and all your anonymous friends to come back and comment "yay, so professional!"

don't listen to them trolls...carry on!

"yay, so professional!"?

Like I said, immature and childish.

Aw, come on guy - it's a joke. Lighten up, I was just trying to make you chuckle.

pls note they're technosexuals...not robots

Ep.#83 "More On Will's Tongue Action"

I nominate Amber Mac to be to be one of or the exclusive model for the new CK fragrance CK IN2U, I think that would rock. :-) Also great show as always, funny blooper at the end. :P

Eau de Blogger? What are CK up to?! "Mmmm...is that wordpress you're wearing tonight?"!!??

Amber, I confess that I too thought you were texting...maybe some judicious cropping might make us not notice? Thought Jeff was going to make an appearance with you all together?

Will, the tongue thing doesn't bother me. I was more amused by Amber saying it was almost spring and then you two looking very cold and all wrapped up.

And, sorry to start nagging...but hope you haven't forgotten my suggestion of a behind the scenes episode? Great episode once again

I'm totally in for the CK IN2U ad!

Funny enough, Brian and I were walking down the street today and we stumbled across a garbage can with a CK IN2U ad on it...just sitting there on Queen St. West. So strange ;)!


Maybe they're getting a celebrity endorsement from Oscar the Grouch, who you may remember from such cartoons as Sesame Street.

I haven't even watched the episode (downloading it) but am really excited that Jeff is reviewing the Sony Reader. Perhaps the review says so, but am curious whether it's available in Canada - most Sony store reps I've talked to say no (but last time I asked was a couple of months ago).

hey another great episode. I think Will is awesome and a good match for the show. Just to add to it I think Will can do whatever he wants at the end. I also was just going to ask about more bloopers because I love that stuff and then sure enough you had a blooper so that was cool. Keep up the work and continue to have fun. If people want serious stuff watch cspan or something, I mean come on now. I also would love to see a behind the scenes episode cause Brian is so cool.

Anony - Unfortunately the Sony Reader is NOT available in Canada. You have to order it online (apparently there is a way to do this from a third party dealer instead of Sony) or go down to the States to get one. It's a pretty cool little device but it sucks that you can't buy it in Canada (I think it's b/c the Sony Reader eBook story isn't licensed for Canada).

Thanks for watching,


Hi to everyone at commandN! Love your show and a avid fan. Keep up the good work!

grtzz from Belgium

Great show. Amber said "We'll be back next week", are the shows weekly again?? I could go for that.

Yep, shows are weekly - booyah!

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