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May 29, 2006


If you usually watch the XviD format do you notice a difference in quality this week? Are you having issues playing it your normal way? Did you notice a difference before you read this post?

I am using a new program to encode the XviD format and would like viewer feedback to see if I should continue using it.



I think that the XviD looks tons better this week. However, the link above has the .avi extension missing so it links to a 404 error.

I see that you guys are changing up the website. Like the banner up on top. It compliments the site. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the heads-up RE: the link. It has been fixed now. Glad to hear you are happy with the quality.


I'm going to have to disagree with Shane on the banner. Before it seemed so simple, with a small logo and a white/transparent background. The big black box just seems so out of place. Also, it almost looks like you guys were forced to blow up the logo and it looks pixelated, which should never be when it's...well your own logo.

Good show by the way, keep it up!


Thx for the feedback - we're experimenting with solidifying a brand/banner, and so far this is our favourite.

Also, please try out the new Podzinger/commandN search - it's an awesome feature!


I am not able to play the Xvid properly on my Dell Axim x51v PDA. I had no problem in previous weeks. I got a message about it not supporting "quarter pixels". It looked all blotchy.


All previous XviD versions were exported at 15fps. Episode 47 was exported at 29.97fps which is why the Dell Axim might not play it.

Will look into this further.


hmmm, there's something different about the group photo (besides the logo)


The photo now has a beveled edge as well as the logo. Nice eye!


We just changed it again! :)

Great Episode Amb & Guys! I absolutely love this buttonator. Now I can make some changes and remove my favorite links.

I love the new banner! I was just watching episodes V00-1,-2 up to ten and love to see how the intro mastheads have changed. Hey put back the command logo..maybe use is as a special bullet or something.
Sadly, I liked that shot. Thanks for reminding me of CBC Radio they fell off my radar after adding 50 pod- & vidcasts.

Finally, please make your masthead available in pdf format or something I can't capture it for a detac sticker. Maybe have alternate logos for viewers? What do you think? Add it right next to your flirting traffic sticker.

Hi Jes -

We'll definitely make the banner available, great idea!

Thx for the feedback - and thx for watching ;).


What?!?!?! Mikey gives out his number, but you don't give out yours??? ;-)

I just loved this episode. The news was great and the banter between Mike and Amber was perfect. All the info was interesting and useful. I also liked the balance of the timing. And the video and sound were perfect. Thanks, all.


Loved the episode.
This video downloader for Firefox is amazing! Thanks!

Awesome - we're trying really hard to make sure we polish the show, keep producing great content, and have fun!

Fun is job 1. If Amber, Brian, Jeff and Mike ever stop having fun with this whole deal, it's doomed. But it's been a great run. Take a break once in a while, you've all earned it after ~50!

Yeah, you're right re: fun! :)

I watched it on my PocketPC using TCPMP player and I too had problems. I got the same "quarter pixels" problem as wbb.
The pixels gets all shuffled up when things move and it made Jeff look really weird during his segment as he was pretty much only moving his head! ;-)

I listened to it instead of watching it this time! It was still great.
Keep up the good work, I really enjoy it.


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