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May 22, 2006


nice show guyz!
i guess mike is out this week
jeff or who-ever is updating site need to correct web picks link
are both the same
-one more thing .mov .xvid files are not working coreectly[downloading]
maybe give em look or I'll try to download sometime later

Sadly I cannot watch this episode yet because I made the huge mistake of "upgrading" to QuickTime 7.1 (for Windows) today because of the security flaw in earlier versions which allows arbitrary code execution (lovely). QT 7.1 is severely broken and will display white video (with normal sound) on some computers. Some people have 7.1 installed on two computers and it works on one of them and not on the other. Go figure. I hope Apple figures this out and fixes it soon.

Good luck with the server problems, commandN team! Sorry to whine about my QuickTime problems.

Holy format change Batman!

I hope this was just for the fact that you all couldn't get together at once, but the headLINES segment needs two people (Amber and Mikey preferred) for it to really work, otherwise I'll just feel like I'm watching Fox News. But I know you'll be back to normal next week, just trying to make sure you guys know that it is the best format.

I'll probably be picking up a commandN t-shirt this week now too.

Overall, probably one of the weaker episodes, but I know you guys couldn't help it, and hope everything is back to normal next week. No matter what, I will always watch. Keep it up!

I would agree with Paul regarding the headLINES segment, I personally think that it really does seem nicer with 2 people (Whats Mikey up to at the moment?), but we know there were server problems, and other issues involved. Hey, a change is as good as a holiday! The shirts are a nice option, I'm going to have to go one of those too. No complaints about this weeks ep, always happy with my weekly commandN fix!

Have a good one guys,


MPG4 isnt there, it plays, blank..
I also use Itunes, and it came over BLANK

I downloaded both the quicktime and the xvid and couldn't get either of them to play. I ended up watching the flash version.

Hey Amber, Mike, Jeff and Brian!

It's been a few months since I've commented here, sorry. I can say though that I have not missed one show yet! How can I when I have every episode downloaded on my iTunes. :)

Anyway, I wanted to first comment on your shirts. Jeff mentioned you're dropping the prices... cool. But I was wondering... how about coming up with a 1yr anniversary logo design? And I don't mean a CommandN logo with the words, "1yr Anniversary" on it. You guys are creative. I know you can come up with something! Please...? :)

One other thing, you guys all rock, but we've come to know you each with your own personalities, etc. I agree with the others, you need Mike. Why doesn't he ever go with you anywhere? And Jeff, well... I like his bits when he's teaching us something about ligthing or other how-to's. Then Brian... buddy, nothing against gaming, but it would be cool if you started talking more about what you do. Frankly, you do it well(producing CommandN, etc.). We want to learn from the guru! Well, at least I do.

You guys rock! Keep 'em coming!

My iTunes download was also blank, white screen and no audio :/

Hey hey
We'll look into the MPEG4 version and will get a working copy up ASAP.

Mike Laz

Yeah, we had a lot of changes this episode b/c Amber was off covering the MESH conference and was gone for the rest of the week. Instead of giving you stale news, we decided I'd just cover the headLINES segment this week. I agree that it's something where some back and forth is nice, though (believe me, especially from the viewpoint of the person who is presenting the headLINES - much easier if you have someone else there to bounce lines of off :-) ).

Glad you like the ep, though, and great to hear that some of you are picking up Ts. SAMMY: An anniversary T-shirt is a good idea, but the way things are structured with Jinx (and any online T-shirt company, I think) make it very costly for us to do something like that.

We'll try to address those technical issues ASAP but, as we said, we've had some other difficulties that we need to attend to. Thanks for your patience!


I figured out a workaround for the QuickTime 7.1 "white video, normal audio" problem on Windows. Open the "QuickTime Preferences" dialog, click the "Advanced" tab, uncheck "Enable Direct3D video acceleration", click OK, close QuickTime (important), try playing the video again. If that doesn't work, try the same thing again but select "Safe mode (GDI only)".

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the comments.

Found out that the MPEG4 and XviD files were incomplete on the server. Problem has been fixed (and tested)!

Link to AllConsuming.net has been fixed also.

In response to Sammy - I have been trying to add some gaming element to the show when I can because there is interest and I love gaming. I do hear you though and will try to balance it out with more video/film how-to segments as well.


Hey everyone -

Great feedback all around! We are trying to switch up the show now again, esp. with our busy schedules (gives all of us a break ;-).

Jeff did an awesome job on headlines - great content (and it's not easy doing them alone, so I'm happy to be back at it with Mikey this week and next time we have headlines from Hali Jeff will get a talented tech partner!).

Please keep the feedback coming - as for the anniversary shirts, they're the same shirts as we feature on the site (no anniversary words attached).

Looking forward to shooting another great ep later this week!!!

-Amber (on BC time)

As they do on the news, a line like "Amber is off this week" or "Mike is on special assignment" goes a long way. Probably just an oversight, you're usually good at that. And that Mesh podium looked a little tall, you should have used a phonebook. ;-)

FYI: Downloading the iPod w/Video version via iTunes fails at the end. I've just tried the direct download and will let you know if that doesn't play. Thank you for a great show every week!

Good point about the heads-up re: hosts! :)

I just tried the direct download of the iPod version and it won't run in Quicktime nor iTunes. (MacOS X 10.4.6)

MPEG4 version is a dud and won't play. Tried on my Xbox Media Center and Windows Media Player Classic on my PC and both were a no go. Trying out the XVID now.


The iPod file was corrupt. It has been moved to another server and the feed and link above have been updated for it.


When did you download the MPEG4 file? I uploaded it again this morning because it was corrupted as well. I have checked the download on a few machines and it appears to be working fine (in iTunes and QuickTime).


Must be the week for video issues, I had problems viewing the dvix version, but the Mpeg worked fine.

As for the news, I din't mind only one person. If you'd like my 2ยข US, I'd have to say that cue cards would be better than looking down at scribbled notes.

GoDaddy code in video was commandn on website is Halifax, i'm sure both work just fine.

Is Amber's entire talk going to be posted online? I agree if content is King, then quality must be Queen. Note that people should have clear understandable podcasts. Also explaining that there are different types of website and content hosts. If you have a website for sports scores, and game highlights then immediate delivery is important. Posting a weekly podcast at 2AM and having until 7AM to deliver it to a listeners iPod doesn't require a webhost with huge peek bandwidth, but instead a host with a constant steady stream. This is what libsyn does best and economically.

Thanks for the great shows.


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