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October 10, 2005


Is "Turkey Day" different in Canada? Obviously it must be...

I'm confused. :-)

Yes, it is different.

Instead of spinning some feelgood story how the fundamentalists from England who settled in the US sat down with the indians before they wiped their race out, canadians just celebrate a day off work without knowing the reason.

They had a poll a few years ago and no one knew what was being celebrated except for a generic 'thanks'. A good portion of people repeated the US pilgrim fairy tale since they are more bombarded with american folklore than their own.

Its Canada's half assed way of copying the US and still claiming that our british colony is somewhat from your british colony.

If it wasnt for the french province, you couldnt tell a canuck from a yank but supposedly this is a 'canadian' holiday.
We even have a US-style football game but of course its played with slightly different rules because you know....its 'different' than the US game.

Most official explanations give you some BS which is associated with a successful harvest celebration common in every country in the world but when the british in the US had their tiff with the british in England, they moved north to be with the british who lived there and brought their customs.
It became a law in the late 50's as a thank you to "Almighty God", I kid you not.
Allah is great doesnt sound so stupid when you read the official proclamation.

Ok with me though.... as long as it gets you off work, all the twits (not the geeks) can believe in their little bogeyman and superstitions.

We need a black holiday too. Winters are long and it would be nice to have a day off in Feb.

Oh yeah....F*** GoDaddy!

Now where gonna have every tom and dick squatting domain names as if it wasnt bad enough.

Only people worse are the ones who cater to spammers.

Thank god for fast forward, I skip over that crap.

I know you gotta make dough but sell pot like everyone else in Canada!

Wow, so this is what happens to comments when we don't post an episode (turkeys et al. - LOL) :-) .

BTW, zeke, I totally hear you on all the domain squatters (and I have certainly cursed them on many occasions), but singling out GoDaddy (and I'm honestly not saying this b/c they sponsor one of our segments) is a little unreasonable. Is there not any number of other places where you can buy and squat on domain names - in fact, can you not do that in EVERY single place you could purchase a domain name?

Squatters (and by this I mean people that buy domain names solely as an "investment", without any intention of ever using them) are definitely in the same category as spammners in my books too . Just making life a needless pain in the butt for the rest of us!

One solution could be to insist that domain names are put into use within a year of their purchase, but then you'd have to have criterea about what consititutes "use" and then what a simple placeholder site looks like versus a real site.

It's certainly complicated and this isn't something that could really be enforced by people selling domain names, it would have to be the guys who control the domain names in the first place, I would think. But then again, why would they bother? If we haven't figured out a way to deal with spam then a solution for this seems even more unlikely, unfortunately.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Scalping is similar. I know someone who makes a full-time living scalping tickets. Not someone I admire (or like, for that matter).

It's all anti-social behavior, IMHO.

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