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October 02, 2005


10/17? thats my birthday! give me a shout!

Happy (pre) B-Day!

FYI the mpeg-4 isn't as good quality as usual, but still appreciate the effort the the extra guys put in while Brian is away.

Long live the spork!

Yet another great show gang. =)

Sporks have their place, however, i don't know that they should replace forks and spoons. Sorry. =( Soup with a good spoon on a cold day jsut wouldn't be the same.

And Mikey, i've e-mailed some places to get a few ideas for hair styles. Hope they help.

Have a great Turkey Day and I hope Brian had a great wedding and honeymoon! =)

The Xvid comes out bad.
I downloaded it twice with iPodder, once from the commandn.tv mirror and once from mirrorme.org site. So 4 tries all together and none of the files would play in WMP9 with DivX6.

ep16 plays fine after installing DivX6 so I know the codec isn't the problem.

Oh and Happy Birthday, Amber.

I meant Happy Birthday, ownie
Mis-read that.

We'll see if we can get a better MPEG-4 rendered - shouldn't be an issue ;).


I'm also having the same problem with XVid, at about the 12.45 mark it just cuts out.

In short, WHO do I need to contact and WHAT do I need to do to become an apprentice? Seriously! :)

This is the first vidcast that didn't crash QT partially into it.
Thank YOU!!!! :)

Nice job, keep up the good work! :)

The XVID is definitely OK now, so please try downloading again.


Well here's a new twist to the Xvid problem.
The audio plays but it acts like it can't find the right video codec. And I know DivX5 and 6 shouldn't have a problem playing Xvid encoded videos.

This episode crashes my Quicktime 1/4 of the way through. This has been happening almost every week now. Pls. fix this problem!

I like your show and I've been using Audioblog.com for my new podcast and it's extremely easy to use I highly recommend it for newbies to Podcast like myself and it's cheap.


Love the effort you all put into the work that you enjoy.

I keep hearing that people are missing the DVD Decryptor and other programs that allow one to copy a dvd movie to a VOB file.

Why not do a special on how to use Mplayer to do the same thing with just Mplayer?

I would be happy to assist in the production. Perhaps a user 3-minute section in a future commandN episode?



The version I downloaded and play using iTunes (5.0.1) dies at 4:15 into the program. The audio and video stop, iTunes keeps the timeline going.

The first time I downloaded the Xvid version, it would not play at all. Now all I get is just the audio. This is the first episode I have had a problem with. Please get this fixed!

Xvid was busted, haven't tried getting a new version. However, Monday I downloaded the H.264 version from the site and at 17:45ish (middle of the apprentice thing) it dies... this happens in quicktime (Win) and in VLC, so it's definately related to the program. I guess I'll live without the last few minutes, because I have no desire to download it all for the 3rd time. Love the show, first issue I've had.

If you can, try downloading again...the H.264 is definitely OK and we'll check on the XVID again, but after uploading it yesterday there weren't any issues.


I'm not sure why but i am not having any problems with the episodes at all.

Some possibly things to help remeday the problems:

-I know this seems obvious, but make sure you have the latest version of your player, codec, etc.

-Maybe wait an hour or two after the episode comes out to download it. The servers might be getting hammered and if you are direct downloading the file, your connection might get dropped.

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